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Feb 2024

Navigating New Jersey’s New Insurance Mandate

In an industry where fuel, maintenance, and insurance are paramount, New Jersey’s recent insurance legislation introduces significant changes, particularly in liability coverage requirements for carriers. Joe Schreiner, Executive Vice President of Sales at Reliance Partners, sheds light on the situation, emphasizing the potential nationwide impact of these new regulations during his feature on the WHAT THE TRUCK?!? podcast. The basis of the legislation increases the […]

Feb 2024

Avoiding Cargo Coverage ‘Gotchas’

The trucking industry has been abuzz with insurance discussions, often focusing on motor carriers and truck drivers. However, the conversation tends to overlook an equally crucial player: the freight broker. Recent legal cases have highlighted the often-ambiguous nature of broker liability, especially concerning lost or damaged cargo, and even more serious issues such as bodily harm. This complex liability landscape underscores the importance for brokers […]

Why Your Premiums Vary Across States

At Reliance Partners, we understand that insurance is a significant operating expense for motor carriers, second only to fuel and maintenance costs. The premiums that carriers pay can vary dramatically based on numerous factors, including experience, the value of goods transported, driving records, and more. However, one of the most significant and uncontrollable factors is the variation in insurance rates depending on where the state […]

Jan 2024

Proactive Measures in Insurance Renewals: A Cost-Saving Strategy

In the trucking industry, where insurance has been a pressing issue, especially with the surge in nuclear verdicts amidst a freight recession, a strategic approach to insurance renewals is not just beneficial, but essential. At Reliance Partners, we understand that the landscape is challenging, but also that proactive measures can significantly influence insurance premiums in a positive way, without compromising on coverage quality. Our Executive […]

Jan 2024

Addressing Mexico’s Rise in Truck Hijackings

As experts in the logistics industry, we at Reliance Partners have been closely monitoring the concerning rise in truck hijackings in Mexico through our partner company Borderless Coverage. According to a recent article on Freight Waves, there has been an 8% increase in reported hijackings between January and September 2023 compared to the same period in 2022, with a total of 6,030 incidents. This data […]

Dec 2023

Introducing the Mexico Cargo Hijacking Data Portal by Borderless Coverage Powered by Reliance Partners

At Reliance Partners, we are proud to announce the launch of our Mexico Cargo Hijacking Data Portal, a vital new resource for businesses operating in Mexico. This portal is a part of our Borderless Coverage initiative, specifically designed to address the significant challenges faced by companies due to cargo hijackings in Mexico.  The Need for Reliable Data in a High-Risk Environment  Mexico’s dynamic economy, particularly […]

Nov 2023

Reliance Partners Advises on Navigating FMCSA Portal Updates and Cybersecurity

As experts in the transportation and logistics insurance sector, Reliance Partners understands the critical importance of cybersecurity in our industry. With the increasing frequency of cyberattacks, these concerns are not just hypothetical risks but real challenges affecting our operations and those of our clients. Recently, the Biden administration’s emphasis on cybersecurity has led to significant changes in how federal agencies, including the Federal Motor Carrier […]

Oct 2023

Unpacking the Factors Driving Increasing Insurance Cost for Trucking Companies

At Reliance Partners, we understand the growing concerns within the trucking industry regarding the increasing costs of insurance premiums. The recent boom in freight activity has led to a surge in operational expenses, with trucking insurance premiums being no exception. The Driving Forces Behind Premium Escalation In the last decade, truck insurance premiums have witnessed a gradual but consistent rise, according to data from the […]

Oct 2023

Balancing Fleet Expansion with Internal Growth

Ensuring internal growth aligns with fleet expansion is crucial for success. While growth is often equated with success, is swift expansion always the best route for motor carriers? Brian Runnels, our VP of Safety at Reliance Partners, offers a different perspective. Given the tight margins in the industry, carriers are under pressure to keep their trucks on the move to ensure profitability. With operating costs […]

Oct 2023

The Power of Shipper’s Interest Coverage With Reliance Partners

Reliance Partners is proud to introduce our per-load Shipper’s Interest coverage, tailored for freight brokers and carriers. This coverage is seamlessly integrated into their TMS, ensuring comprehensive protection for cross-border, international, LTL, and high-value shipments. The Need for Diversification In the ever-evolving world of transportation and logistics, diversifying freight capabilities and expanding service lanes is paramount. This is especially true when considering the allure of […]

Oct 2023

Reliance Partners Elevates Cargo Insurance Experience with McLeod TMS

Reliance Partners is thrilled to announce our collaboration with insurtech innovators Loadsure and the renowned TMS provider McLeod Software! This strategic alliance aims to revolutionize the way asset-based motor carriers and freight brokers access top-tier, A-rated all-risk Shipper’s Interest insurance within the McLeod ecosystem. Gone are the days when booking per-load insurance felt like an uphill battle. With our cutting-edge integration, obtaining this crucial coverage […]

Oct 2023

Hauling with Amazon Relay: A Comprehensive Guide

Amazon, a multibillion-dollar company, is renowned for its swift product delivery. Within the trucking sector, Amazon has introduced Amazon Relay, a user-friendly load board that aids drivers and carriers in amplifying their company’s growth potential. This guide will explain the process and prerequisites of hauling with Amazon Relay, ensuring your trucking business can effectively harness this lucrative opportunity. Eligibility Requirements for Hauling with Amazon Relay […]

Sep 2023

The Vital Role of Cyber Liability Insurance

Countering the Surge in Financial Losses Due to Cybercrimes In recent years, we at Reliance Partners have witnessed the increasing significance of cyber liability insurance in the arsenal of freight brokers. The realization that a well-thought-out strategy is paramount has led many in the industry to adopt this crucial safeguard. Cybercrime has emerged as a formidable financial threat to both individuals and businesses alike. Disturbingly, […]

Sep 2023

How to Successfully Resolve Violations through DataQs

In the world of trucking, violations during roadside inspections are almost inevitable. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), nearly 59% of the 2.8 million federal and state roadside inspections conducted last year resulted in violations. But what should carriers and drivers do when they believe these violations are unjustified? The answer lies in DataQs, an FMCSA system designed to address such situations. […]

Sep 2023

The Importance of Communication in the Trucking Industry

Communication doesn’t cost much but can make all the difference At Reliance Partners, we understand that creating a positive driver experience is a continuous journey. As National Truck Driver Appreciation Week gets underway, it’s the perfect time to reflect on how we can make lasting improvements to show our utmost appreciation for the backbone of the trucking industry: our drivers. In the world of trucking, […]

Aug 2023

Enhancing Cross-Border Risk Management

Protect Your Cargo with Reliance Partners’ Comprehensive Coverage and Low Deductibles A decade ago, venturing into cross-border trade from the U.S. to Mexico came with an unsettling challenge: a lack of cargo insurance protection. Unlike the U.S. and Canada, where most carriers possessed substantial cargo insurance coverage, Mexico’s carriers historically struggled to procure adequate coverage. Consider this scenario: a Mexican carrier transporting a 40,000-pound, $100,000 […]

Aug 2023

Reliance Partners Honored as Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Company 2023

We are elated to announce that Reliance Partners has achieved a significant milestone yet again! For the eighth consecutive year, we have secured our position on the Inc. 5000 list, a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in our industry. Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, Reliance Partners has grown exponentially under the leadership of President Chad Eichelberger and CEO Andrew Ladebauche. Our journey began […]

Aug 2023

How to Navigate ELD Failures

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance Amidst ELD Technical Challenges ELDs have become a staple in almost every semi-truck today, playing a critical role in monitoring drivers’ hours of service. However, issues with ELDs have been observed, including user errors, during the initial enforcement of the ELD mandate, according to Daniel Vega, Director of Safety at Reliance Partners, drawing from his experience with the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau. […]

Aug 2023

Enhancing Driver Loyalty: 5 Reward Program Strategies from Reliance Partners

In the competitive trucking industry, attracting and retaining skilled drivers is crucial for long-term success. Recognizing the importance of driver satisfaction and retention, Reliance Partners has shared insights on implementing effective truck driver rewards programs. Such programs can not only boost driver morale but also motivate them to work towards achieving company goals. Let’s explore the five key strategies provided by Reliance Partners to promote […]

Jul 2023

Drivers and carriers commonly overlook these regulations

Reliance Partners’ Mark Barlar reminds carriers and drivers to stay vigilant with compliance Trucking is known as a highly regulated industry, and rules are in place for good reason. At its core, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations are meant to keep both CDL holders and the general public safe. Adherence to safety regulations is a daily effort for management, office staff and drivers. But […]

Jul 2023

What to know about FMCSA safety ratings

How to keep in good standing and lower adverse rating. Compliance reviews by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are not something motor carriers should take lightly. The rating that you receive based on your safety compliance can greatly impact your business both positively and negatively. John Seidl, Reliance Partners’ VP of risk services, joined Dooner during Monday’s WHAT THE TRUCK?!? episode to break down […]

Jul 2023

How freight brokers can protect themselves against LTL claims

Reliance Partners’ unique usage-based insurance helps freight brokers protect themselves against gaps in carriers’ policies If you’re only shipping a handful of pallets, it makes sense that you should only pay for that amount of space, right?   Less-than-truckload shipping makes it possible for businesses to cost effectively send smaller shipments. In recent years, it has become an important part of many retailers’ shipping strategies.  […]

Jul 2023

Stay vigilant about safety compliance with mock audits

Preparing for an audit now can help avoid detrimental consequences of less-than-satisfactory safety ratings later Mock audits are an essential tool for motor carriers to understand how their companies would perform during a real Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration safety compliance review.    They usually involve hiring a professional third-party consultant with expertise in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) who can help a […]

Jun 2023

Why are truck crash fatalities elevated?

Reliance Partners’ safety VP shares observations on industry trends that could lead to crashes Traffic fatalities appear to be on the rise among large trucks — at least compared to pre-pandemic numbers.   According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Crash Statistics Summary, which reflects data from the Motor Carrier Management Information System, during calendar year 2019, the last year pre-pandemic, there were 5,082 […]

Jun 2023

What makes your business a high insurance risk?

Controlling safety scores can help manage risk Every time a driver moves a truck, there is some level of risk that an accident, injury or damage will occur. Even when the truck is sitting idle, theft, fire or storms could impact your vehicle, costing your business losses not only for repairs but for potentially missed productivity. These risks exist to some extent no matter how […]

Jun 2023

Operation Safe Driver Week to focus on speeding

CVSA promoting safe driving habits during annual campaign set for July 9-15 While enforcing road safety is a year-round effort, law enforcement officers across North America will be out in full force next month emphasizing the importance of safe driving practices during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Operation Safe Driver Week from July 9 to 15. The yearly weeklong initiative targets drivers of passenger vehicles and […]

Jun 2023

Mexico cargo theft is a pain point for shippers – what can you do to mitigate your risk?

Cargo theft and trailer disappearance in Mexico have long been significant challenges for shippers and logistics service providers involved in cross-border operations. Reliance Partners, in collaboration with Schneider, recognizes the urgency to address this issue from a risk management perspective. As the trade between the United States and Mexico continues to grow at record rates, cross-border risk management has become a crucial consideration for CEOs […]

Jun 2023

Trailer liability coverage opens new doors for freight brokers

Reliance Partners’ custom solution provides leverage for brokers to acquire capacity through trailer leasing   Trailer leasing companies are wary of trusting their trailers to a freight broker who doesn’t have assets. Unlike asset-based motor carriers, freight brokers typically can’t get the needed insurance coverage to protect those trailers.   “There is a strict auto liability and physical damage insurance requirement at many leasing companies, […]

May 2023

Team driving may be profitable, but is it right for everyone?

Reliance Partners’ Brian Runnels shares his experience team driving and what to consider before starting When it comes to truck driving, two might be better than one.    Team driving is by nature more productive than solo driving, which is why it’s appealing to carriers; after all, with two drivers taking turns driving and resting, the pair can make deliveries in half the time one […]

May 2023

Reliance Partners CFO Sounds Alarm on Bank Crisis Impacting Carriers

We could be in the ‘quiet before the next financial storm,’ says Albrecht   Since March 10, three large commercial U.S. banks have failed. The fallout, paired with trends that have already been happening, are  being described as a “crisis” by many in the financial community, including Thomas Albrecht, CRO and CFO of Reliance Partners.   On the May 15 episode of WHAT THE TRUCK!?! […]