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May 2022

Reliance Partners Ranks In Top 100 Commercial Insurance Agencies By Hales

 Chattanooga, Tenn. – Reliance Partners, a fast-growing insurance brokerage, has been named as one of the top 100 commercial insurance agencies in the United States by the Hales Report. The “Hales Top 100” list is based on 2021 revenues from the largest agents and brokers in the US and represents $60.4B in total revenues.  Reliance ranked 82nd overall and ranked 2nd for growth in the “Private” […]

Apr 2022

Miscalculating your truck’s market value can have costly consequences

When purchasing physical damage coverage, remember that the price paid for the vehicle probably isn’t its current value With the scarcity of new trucks and trailers nearly doubling auction prices for late-model used trucks, it might be best to make do with what you’ve got. In February, the average sleeper tractor sold was 69 months old with 452,369 miles for $110,686. In fact, prices for every model year […]

Mar 2022

Proactive safety measures reduce stress and violations

Why not take steps to prevent violations before they occur? What’s the point of a safety department if risk mitigation isn’t valued? That’s what Reliance Partners Director of Safety Robert Kaferle argues in a recent appearance on FreightWaves’ What the Truck?!? Kaferle urges carriers to focus less on their CSA scores but instead aim to reduce violations. He reasons that safety scores only tell you where to […]

Mar 2022

Mexico increasingly attractive for US shippers, manufacturers

Rise of nearshoring, increased cross-border trade put spotlight on what Mexico has to offer Economic growth in Mexico has caught the attention of many U.S. manufacturers and shippers looking to nearshore or take advantage of Mexico’s improving transportation networks and young, educated workforce. It seems that Mexico and the U.S. share more than just a border. “A lot of companies that went to China, Thailand […]

Mar 2022

Trucking 101: Trip planning makes all the difference

Trip planning involves utilizing your time properly to maximize productivity On paper, trucking is pretty simple: Carry a load from one point to another. But reality isn’t so easy. For all the obstacles to overcome and hurdles to jump over, the best way to get from point A to point B safely and on time is through proper trip planning. Reliance Partners Vice President of Safety […]

Mar 2022

Going the extra mile to safely ship seafood across the border

The cold chain must never be broken Running a cross-border business is hard enough, but even more so when seafood is in the mix. Now you’ve got to worry about spoilage in addition to cargo theft and other risks. Phillipe Katkhouda knew that he couldn’t run a successful cross-border shipping business without strict adherence to risk mitigation, so when he entered the industry in 2017, […]

Mar 2022

All-risk coverage, visibility tech turning heads in Mexico

What’s happening south of the border is hard for US shippers to ignore The Mexican freight landscape of today is changing rapidly. The country’s reputation for logistics lawlessness is quickly being tamed by visionary industry leaders willing to invest in visibility technologies and comprehensive cross-border insurance solutions to spur Mexican freight opportunities. Mark Vickers, Reliance Partners’ executive vice president of international logistics, recently connected with Antonio […]

Feb 2022

WHAT THE TRUCK?!? dives into Reliance Partners’ Usage-Based Insurance

Reliance Partners offers Usage-Based Insurance for primary and excess cargo, truckload, less-than-truckload, and trailer interchange Don’t you wish securing freight insurance were as easy as booking loads? Reliance Partners thought so. The trucking insurance and InsurTech leader now offers utilization or Usage-Based Insurance (RUBI) coverage that can be booked on a per-load basis. This new way of booking ensures you receive just the amount of coverage […]

Feb 2022

High school CDL curriculum incorporates interactive fitness program

The Trucking Fitness Company has given a California high school free access to driver fitness app The best way to live healthy is to start habits early. That is the goal of one Patterson, California, high school truck driving instructor, who has revamped his curriculum with a fitness app to emphasize the benefits of staying active and eating well as a truck driver. “We want […]

Feb 2022

Trucking 101: Reality doesn’t always meet expectations

Trucking offers great opportunities, but life on the road isn’t for everyone Commercial trucking, like any job, has its ups and downs. The road is smooth for the most part, but it can become bumpy at times and turn unexpectedly. That said, the industry is known for its welcoming atmosphere, attracting drivers of diverse backgrounds. What’s more, pay has been increasing along with other benefits, […]

Feb 2022

Mexico free trade zones worth exploring for stateside international shippers

Through FTZs and IMMEX, shippers are realizing time and tax savings It’s no surprise that the U.S. West Coast ports have seen such horrendous congestion — everything seems to funnel through Southern California. The Port of Long Beach reported last month that it moved more cargo in 2021 than any year on record, handling 9,384,368 twenty-foot equivalent units. This represents a 15.7% year-over-year (yoy) increase […]

Jan 2022

Trucking 101: Returning to the basics

Reliance Partners’ new series will explore safety and soft skills In a technology-rich and automated industry, it’s easy to take certain aspects of the job for granted. But what if your GPS loses signal? Would you know how to get to your destination on time? Situations like these are merely bumps in the road if you’ve come prepared. It’s never too late to learn truck […]

Aug 2018

Reliance Partners Named to Inc. 5000 List

Chattanooga, Tenn. August 15, 2018 – Reliance Partners, LLC, a commercial insurance agency announced today that it has been named to the annual Inc. 500|5000 list, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Reliance Partners secured the number 591 spot on prestigious list, ranking as the fastest-growing property & casualty insurance agency in the United States and the 10th fastest-growing company in the state […]

Jul 2018

Liquor Liability Insurance – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

If you own an establishment that serves alcohol, but you have no idea what liquor liability insurance is, you need to read this pronto. In simplest terms, liquor liability is a type of insurance that covers you for any liability arising from selling, dispensing or otherwise serving alcohol. Let’s assume, for the sake of example that there’s been a bar brawl in your establishment. Liquor […]

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability insurance is a coverage plan for employers to safeguard their financial concerns arising from claims made against them by employees. Generally, referred to as EPLI, these insurances are to cover the employer in events of allegations raised against the employer or the company on issues such as employment malpractices, sexual harassment, and wrongful or forced terminations. The Need for Employment Practices Liability […]

Cyber Liability Insurance – Why You Need It

In the past few years, cyber liability insurance has become increasingly popular due to the growing number of cyber security incidents, such as data breaches, hacking, extortion, data destruction and denial of service attacks. Unfortunately, in the event of a cyber incident, such as a data breach, your business may be liable for damages, especially if cybercriminals manage to steal your customers’ data, such as […]

Jul 2018

New Venture Truck Insurance

The truck industry is one of the volatile markets today. It is crucial that you have a new venture truck insurance policy to cover liabilities that come in losses and damages. Any start-up company needs insurance cover for primary auto liabilities and physical damage coverage. Make sure you go through comparison shopping to help in settling for the best option. Why You Need Insurance Coverage Being […]

Jul 2018

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

Designed specifically for small business, a business owners policy (BOP) is a type of business protection insurance product that combines a several basic protection insurance products, including commercial property, business interruption insurance and general liability insurance, into one policy. Because a BOP is a consolidated insurance product, it typically costs less than the sum of its individual components. In other words, it is cheaper to […]

Jul 2018

Garage Keepers Liability Coverage – What You Need To Know

When you drop off your car at an auto repair garage, you do not only expect it to be fixed, but you expect it to remain safe while in the custody of the garage keeper. A general liability policy does not cover damage to vehicles that do not belong to the insured party. This is where the garage keepers liability coverage comes in. Here is […]

Jun 2018

Moving and Storage Insurance

The trucking industry is one of the most volatile markets and is prone to several problems like industrial and occupational accidents; however, one of the most important liabilities that can emerge is loss or damage to the goods being carried and transported by the trucks. This is where moving and storage insurance comes into play. Rough handling, improper coordination are just a few of the […]

Jun 2018

Agriculture Equipment Insurance

Agriculture Equipment Insurance In modern farming, a farmer or ranch owner is more dependent on his agriculture equipment insurance to function well and increase output than he or she is on the weather or other natural elements. All equipment should run smoothly around the clock to ensure the success of your farm or ranch. However, it is nearly impossible to negate the chances of equipment […]