November 7, 2018

What Makes Reliance Partners a Great Place to Work?

October 25, 2018 Reliance Partners was named a top workplace in America by Fortune Magazine. While companies look to recruit and hire candidates that fit company culture, it is equally as important for job seekers to find the right fit. What should one expect in a typical day working for Reliance Partners?

Collaborative Environment

When society pictures a work environment, cubicles, silence and little employee interaction often comes to mind. Reliance Partners however, values community within the office. Our desks are set up where employees can see surrounding coworkers, providing an efficient yet united feel. Reliance strives to provide an enthusiastic and supportive work environment, collaboration being one of the ways Reliance Partners aims to reach this goal.


Reliance Partners is always up for friendly competition. Frequently, contests are held to motivate our employees to go the extra mile. We have competitions across departments including everything from monthly group contests on sales volume to Chili-Cook offs that benefits local charities. Competitions whether work-related or simply for fun, give employees a chance to connect with the Reliance process in a fun way. Reliance Partners employees drive one another to reach their full potential and competition is a great way to motivate one another- Reliance Partners knows how to have a good time.


Reliance Partners has flags that represent each country in the office. It is an advantage to have a diverse group of employees. More than 40% of employees are bi-lingual, and it is a joy to be surrounded by so many nationalities inside our office space. We come to the same office space every day, but learn stories about life in other countries on a daily basis. There is opportunity to gain multi-cultural understanding at work, which may not be true of all companies.

Reliance Partners makes work feel like more than just a job, rather an invested community striving to reach a common goal: to be the best transportation insurance agency in the United States. Be on the look out for more about work life at Reliance Partners. A video will be published soon and we can’t wait for you to gain insight into the daily life at Reliance Partners.

-Anna Rogers