Our Difference

Reliance Partners was built by people who understand the trucking and freight broker industries. We know how to match the right insurance strategy with your business goals. We’re driven to help you succeed.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide superior risk management solutions powered by innovative technology and delivered through best-in-class customer service. Our customer-centric focus and ‘Extra Mile’ mentality must bring value to our clients beyond the standard scope of insurance.

Our vision is to become the leader in the trucking and logistics insurance marketplace by applying technology and innovation that challenge the status quo. This will be accomplished through a highly-motivated, diverse team of individuals focused around collaboration, innovation, and transparency. Forward, progressive thinking will differentiate Reliance Partners.

How You Benefit

Transportation & Logistics Expertise

Accelerate your growth by leveraging our extensive industry knowledge about the trends that will affect your business.

Risk Management

Improve the safety and compliance programs key to your company’s success with our suite of risk management services and safety seminars.

Professional Resources

Boost your bottom line with resources geared to have a positive impact on your CSA scores and reduced premiums.

Preferred Underwriting Status

Leverage our extensive network and superior relationships with underwriters across the country. Get custom solutions and preferred access.

Best-in-Class Customer Service

Stay in control with support from our team. We will help you with reducing overall risk, loss forecasting and claims management.

24/7 Access to Policy & Certificates of Insurance

270+ Insurance Companies Networked

19 Languages Spoken by Our Staff

Our Leadership Team

Driving Reliance Partners to the forefront of the insurance industry.

  • Andrew Ladebauche

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Andrew Ladebauche Bio
  • Chad Eichelberger


    Chad Eichelberger Bio
  • Laura Ann Howell

    Chief Operating Officer

    Laura Ann Howell Bio
  • Thom Albrecht

    CFO and Chief Revenue Officer

    Thom Albrecht Bio
  • Ronald Ramsey

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Ronald Ramsey Bio
  • Brenda Wiser

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Brenda Wiser Bio
  • Mario Paluzzi

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Brandon Richards

    Chief Sales Officer

    Brandon Richards Bio
  • Jason Coleman

    Executive Vice President of Sales

    Jason Coleman Bio
  • Ashley Hammonds

    Executive Vice President of Sales

    Ashley Hammonds Bio
  • Tim Gerrish

    Executive Vice President of Sales

  • Emily Wilkerson

    Senior Vice President of Finance

    Emily Wilkerson Bio
  • Stephen Copeland

    Senior Vice President of Customer Service

    Stephen Copeland Bio
  • Missi Shelton

    Vice President of Customer Service, National Accounts

    Missi Shelton Bio
  • Caroline Buckner

    Vice President of Customer Service, Fleet Accounts

  • Amy Fuller

    Vice President of Customer Service, National Accounts

  • Jamie Cannon

    Vice President of Logistics Services

    Jamie Cannon Bio
  • Taylor Hodges

    Vice President of Operations

  • Demetrius Russell

    Vice President of Talent + Culture

  • John Seidl

    Vice President of Risk Services

    John Seidl Bio

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