General Liability

General Liability

Freight Broker General Liability Insurance is meticulously crafted to address the premises exposure within the physical confines of a freight broker’s office. Its primary objective is to shield freight brokers from financial risks and responsibilities that might arise from bodily injuries sustained by a third party on the broker’s premises or property.

Why is it Essential?

Imagine a scenario where a client or vendor visits your freight brokerage office and, unfortunately, sustains an injury due to a slip or fall. Without the right insurance coverage, your business could be held financially responsible for the medical expenses and potential legal fees. Freight Broker General Liability Insurance steps in to cover these costs, ensuring that your business remains protected from such unforeseen incidents.

At Reliance Partners, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the freight brokerage industry. Several members of our team have spent significant time in the freight brokerage realm before joining Reliance, equipping us with the insights to empathize with the challenges you face. We are committed to ensuring that you are adequately covered and understand the intricacies of your insurance policy.

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