Shipper’s Interest

Shipper’s Interest

Reliance Partners freight broker coverage options are extensive and Shipper’s Interest can be critical when working with higher value shipments. In the realm of freight brokerage, carriers, be it LTL trucking companies or railroads, often limit their liability on shipments. This limitation can pose a significant risk, especially when the value of the cargo is substantial. Enter Shipper’s Interest. This coverage is meticulously designed to bridge this gap, ensuring that you can insure up to the actual dollar value of a shipment. This is in contrast to the limited coverage based on weight that might be offered by an LTL carrier or railroad in the event of a claim.

The primary advantage of Shipper’s Interest is its ability to close the liability loophole. While many carriers may have exclusions in their policies, Shipper’s Interest ensures that freight brokers are not left in a lurch. Instead of being restricted to a limited payout based on weight, brokers can claim the actual value of the shipment, offering peace of mind and financial security.

At Reliance Partners, we understand the intricacies of the freight brokerage industry. Our extensive coverage options are a testament to our commitment to ensuring that brokers have the best protection for their operations. Shipper’s Interest is just one of the many coverages we offer, tailored to meet the unique challenges and risks of the freight brokerage world.

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