High Risk Truck Insurance

Assigned Risk Truck Insurance

High Risk Truck Insurance

Reliance Partners is a leading expert in truck insurance solutions for the high risk market. We have access to a number of very exclusive insurance markets that specialize in working with distressed operations that are in need of specialized programs tailored to high risk truck insurance.

It is our goal as an agency to work with customers to help them improve their operation over the course of time in order to qualify for more standard market truck insurance prices. As one of the leading high risk truck insurance brokers in the country, Reliance Partners is well versed in placing insurance coverage for drivers and companies that might struggle to find insurance coverage options.

Reliance is also an expert in new venture truck insurance. We have numerous insurance markets that are willing to work with new venture trucking companies to provide insurance coverage to get your truck or trucks on the road.

It’s Our Business to Protect Your Business

Examples of the types of operations insured in the high risk truck insurance marketplace include:

  • Truck insurance cancellations by current provider
  • Large shock losses
  • High CSA scores
  • High SMS scores
  • High out of service percentages (OOS)
  • Elevated CAB scores
  • Multiple alerts
  • Conditional safety ratings
  • High loss frequency
  • Driver experience
  • Newly licensed drivers
  • New venture truck insurance
  • Poor credit scores
  • State assigned risk pool
  • High risk cargo
  • SR22 insurance

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