Occupational Accident Coverage (OCC/ACC)

Occupational Accident Coverage (OCC/ACC)

Occupational Accident Insurance is a form of contingent liability insurance. It provides coverage for owner-operators in scenarios where they might seek protection under the motor carrier’s Worker’s Compensation policy. This coverage can be procured either by the owner-operator themselves or by the motor carrier. Its primary function is to act as a protective shield for fleets and independent contracts.

Key Features of Occupational Accident Coverage

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment: This coverage offers financial protection against unforeseen accidents resulting in death or severe injuries.
  • Medical Expenses: It covers medical costs arising from injuries or illnesses sustained during occupational activities.
  • Disability Coverage: For owner-operators who might face temporary or permanent disabilities due to accidents, this coverage ensures income replacement and support.
In addition to the above, Occupational Accident Coverage can be tailored to include other types of coverages based on the specific needs of the owner-operator or the motor carrier.

Why is Occupational Accident Coverage Essential?

In an industry as dynamic as trucking, risks are inevitable. Occupational Accident Coverage ensures that owner-operators have a safety net, protecting them from potential financial burdens arising from accidents. Whether it’s medical expenses, disability support, or protection against accidental death, this coverage offers comprehensive protection, ensuring peace of mind for both owner-operators and motor carriers.

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