Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Reliance Partners is a leading insurance agency when it comes to providing freight brokerage insurance. Several members of our executive team have spent years in the freight brokerage world prior to joining Reliance. We can empathize with the everyday struggle that many 3PL’s endure involving unpaid cargo claims.

For years, the only available coverage option was Contingent Cargo. Designed to cover freight brokers on a contingent basis for cargo damage or loss, this insurance meant that claims were typically first filed with the motor carrier. However, these claims often faced denials due to exclusions present in the motor carrier’s policy. The “follow form” policies imply that if the trucking company has a policy exclusion, the freight broker would have the same exclusion. Hence, understanding the coverage nuances of Contingent Cargo forms is vital.

The industry has witnessed significant evolution over the past few years. Now, a first-dollar product for cargo insurance is available, based on legal liability. This can even be expanded beyond the legal liability trigger to cover a broader range of cargo claims, including aspects like Driver Negligence. While Driver Negligence is typically excluded under Contingent Cargo, it’s generally covered under Primary Motor Truck Cargo, provided it’s a covered commodity. These first-dollar basis forms offer extensive coverage for a myriad of perils.

Why Choose Reliance Partners?

Several members of the Reliance Partners executive team have rich experience in the freight brokerage world. This deep-rooted understanding allows us to empathize with the challenges many 3PLs face, especially concerning unpaid cargo claims. We are committed to ensuring that freight brokers are adequately covered and understand the nuances of their policies.

Whether you’re considering Contingent Cargo or Primary Motor Truck Cargo insurance, it’s essential to understand the coverage scope, exclusions, and benefits. Reliance Partners is here to guide you through the process, ensuring you make an informed decision tailored to your business needs.

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