Haz-Mat Trucking Insurance

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Insurance for fuel haulers can be difficult to find and expensive. Reliance Partners has the insurance markets that specialize in this class of risk. We have experts on staff to assist with your insurance needs.

Eligible Risks:

  • Petroleum Haulers
  • Crude Oil Haulers
  • Propane Distribution
  • Petroleum Jobbers
  • Heating Oil Delivery
  • Chemical Haulers
  • Liquid Nitrogen Haulers
  • Explosives Haulers (Class 1.1-1.5)
  • Terminal Coverage

Examples of Available Coverage:

  • Auto Liability ($5 million filings if required by MCS-90)
  • Broadened Pollution Insurance
  • Cargo
  • Cyber
  • Excess & Umbrella Coverage
  • General Liability
  • Physical Damage
  • Property
  • UM/UIM
  • Worker’s Compensation

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