Trucking Insurance

Reliance Partners Is A True Advisor To Professionals In The Transportation Industry.

At Reliance Partners, we know transportation insurance. Whether you are a single owner-operator or a large fleet, we have specialty insurance programs designed with you in mind. We write truck, warehousing, and freight broker insurance in almost every US state and have specialty NAFTA trucking programs for carriers who require liability and cargo insurance in Canada and Mexico.

We place the most comprehensive and ethical lines of insurance, safety, and risk management products for commercial transportation. We offer many exclusive or limited programs for niches such as: couriers, dump trucks and high-risk truck insurance, among others.

Lines of Trucking Insurance Coverage

Truck Insurance Programs

Reliance Partners does not sell our product exclusively on price. We provide value-added benefits and are proud to have the industry’s top customer service team. Our staff’s recognition in national publications like Inc.comFortune, and Business Insurance are evidence of our strong service culture.

Reliance offers a multitude of insurance programs for trucking companies of all risk profiles including: new venture truck insurance, high-risk truck insurance, owner-operator programs. We also offer many niche insurance products focused around markets like: box trucks, bulk haulers, container haulers, couriers, dump operations, haz-mat carriers, hot-shot’s, LTL trucking companies, tow truck operations, and warehouse operations.

We Provide Total Coverage

We understand that as a business owner, you need to have protection for your trucks at all times. This is because mishaps can happen at any time. For this reason, it is necessary to get trucking insurance that covers risks such as fire, theft among others. Some areas are quite difficult to drive in. Despite your drivers being professionals, your trucks may suffer some damages. Our insurance provides coverage for such incidences in form of immediate repair and regular servicing.

We also cover physical damages such as gap coverage, towing coverage, and the driver’s personal effects. To ensure full satisfaction, we also provide medical benefits, non-trucking liability, and pollution buyback coverage. This ensures that your trucks are always ready to deliver products with no delays.

Our cost-effective policies

The cost of a truck insurance policy is a very important factor to consider. As such, we ensure that our policies are affordable for you. In this way, we make it possible for you to invest in multiple policies for maximum coverage. Our insurance officers understand that it is not a good idea to be insurance rich and cash poor. Therefore, we provide tailored coverage that fits your budget. This helps to provide ample coverage while making sure that your business runs smoothly.

Categories of comprehensive trucking insurance covers that we offer

Basic Coverage
This is a category of commercial truck insurance that combines liability and collision coverage. At Reliable Partners Trucking Insurance, we provide collision insurance to cover the cost of damage to the other car in case you get involved in a road accident where you were at fault. It also covers the damage to your own car. The liability insurance covers all damages to your car or its contents that is brought about by anything other than collision. By investing in Basic Coverage, your commercial truck is all set for business.

Specialized Coverage
Commercial trucks are sometimes used for special deliveries. You may want to deliver some goods on behalf of a customer. In such a situation, Specialized Coverage comes in handy. This type of insurance provides commercial auto liability. It covers your truck, cargo and bodily injuries which could occur to you or other people on the road. It also covers the loss of cargo and considers the type and value of your goods. If you run a mid-size or large trucking company, we highly advise that you invest in some Specialized Coverage.

Our Premiums
Upon choosing one of our owner operator truck insurance policies, you can proceed to pay premiums. They need to be paid monthly in advance. The premiums are payable for the length of the insurance policy’s lifetime. The cost of premiums that you will pay to service your insurance policy will depend on you or your driver’s driving record. As such, we provide every commercial truck owner with enough information about policies and premiums before they make a financial commitment. We do this to ensure top quality customer service.

Our Deductibles
The deductibles for our insurance policies vary in amount. They can range from $500 to $2,000. In the event of an accident, the deductible is paid first and then we take over. For example, if you get involved in an accident that costs $1,500, you can pay a deductible of $1,000 and we will cover $500.

If you would to invest in some trucking insurance and do not want to pay a high deductible, we advise that you take a low deductible and a high premium. Moreover, if your company has experienced, accident-free drivers, a safe insurance policy can be one with a high deductible and a low premium. We always strive to maintain transparency and satisfaction in every policy that we provide you!