Truck Fleet Insurance

Truck Fleet Insurance

Reliance Partners is a leading insurance agency and works closely with fleets across the US. We are licensed in 44 states and have access to a variety of insurance markets to meet the needs of each individual fleet. Every single fleet has unique needs and our large fleet truck program caters to the needs of fleets. Reliance works closely with our insurance markets to provide customized solutions.

Types of Programs

  • Any auto
  • Deductible insurance plans
  • First dollar plans
  • In-house finance options
  • High deductible insurance plans
  • High risk insurance
  • Insurance captive programs
  • Large retention programs
  • Risk retention groups

Multiple Options for Rating

  • Composite
  • Mileage rating
  • Mileage reporting
  • Revenue reporting
  • Scheduled
  • Unit rating
  • Vehicle reporting

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