June 22, 2023

Executive Announcement: Reliance Partners Announces Promotions of Tim Gerrish, Jason Coleman, and Ashley Hammonds

Chattanooga, TN – June 22, 2023 – Reliance Partners, a leading commercial transportation and trucking insurance company, is thrilled to announce the promotion of three key individuals within the organization. These well-deserved promotions will take effect on July 1, 2023, and reflect the company’s commitment to recognizing and improving its talent.

Jason Coleman, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of insurance experience, will be assuming the position of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Jason has been an incredible asset to Reliance Partners for the past 13 years and has demonstrated exceptional expertise and dedication in his previous roles. In his new position, Jason will oversee the Marketing and Business Development teams, taking responsibility for retention across the sales teams as well.

Tim Gerrish, who joined Reliance in 2019 and quickly rose through the ranks, will be assuming the role of Chief Growth Officer (CGO). Tim’s outstanding performance as a sales leader and his ability to drive growth for the agency have earned him this well-deserved promotion. In his new position, Tim will work closely with sales management throughout all office locations. Tim’s focus will be on accelerating the company’s growth, enhancing sales processes, and driving structural improvements.

Ashley Hammonds, a valuable member of the Reliance team since 2010, has been promoted to the position of Executive Vice President and General Manager (EVP & GM). Ashley’s leadership skills and contributions to the company have been valuable in its growth and success. In his new role, Ashley will work closely with management teams and producers, driving the expansion of the Reliance Partners’ new business footprint. He will oversee sales enablement, market approach, and sales development across all office locations, collaborating closely with Tim and Jason to accelerate the growth of Reliance Partners.

Reliance Partners is excited about the future and the prospects these promotions bring to the organization. The company extends its heartfelt congratulations to Tim Gerrish, Jason Coleman, and Ashley Hammonds on their achievements. The exceptional leadership and dedication of these individuals will undoubtedly contribute to the continued growth and success of Reliance Partners.

“Congratulations to Ashley, Jason, and Tim in their new roles. These recent promotions position us well as we continue to grow our market share in the transportation vertical.” – Andrew Ladebauche, CEO

“Ashley, Jason, and Tim have been critical to our success during their time at Reliance Partners. They will play an even greater role as we move forward on our pathway to $1 billion+ in annual written premium.” – Chad Eichelberger, President

About Reliance Partners:

Reliance Partners is a leading commercial transportation and trucking insurance company that provides innovative insurance solutions and expert risk management services to clients nationwide. With a focus on customer service and industry expertise, Reliance Partners has established itself as a trusted partner within the transportation industry.