August 29, 2018

Reliance Partners Names Howell Chief Operating Officer

Reliance Partners has promoted Laura Ann Howell to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Prior to the promotion, Laura Ann began her career with Reliance Partners in 2015 as Vice President, overseeing HR and Finance. She was promoted in 2017 to Senior Vice President overseeing operations.

Howell, 29, previously served as Vice President for Thompson Appalachian Hardwoods where she co-founded a trucking company and freight brokerage. Laura Ann is a graduate of the Risk Management & Insurance Program of the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia where she also obtained a dual degree in Spanish.

“I cannot say enough positive things about Laura Ann,” says company President, Chad Eichelberger. “She is capable of doing every job in the company, her work ethic is incredible and she leads by example every single day.”

“Laura Ann’s addition in 2015 has been a major catalyst for the growth we have experienced,” says Reliance CEO Andrew Ladebauche. “She is an amazing team builder, and it was only fitting that she take the next step in her career with the company today.”

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