November 11, 2021

F3 Tech in Action: Taming the cargo insurance challenge


Truck brokers can ease the burden of insuring both LTL and truckload cargo while saving time and money

This recap is from Day 3 of FreightWaves’ F3 Virtual Experience.

TECH IN ACTION TOPIC: Per-load cargo insurance coverage simplified with Reliance Partners and EZ Loader.

DETAILS: Trucking insurance specialist Reliance Partners and freight brokerage transportation management software company EZ Loader want to level the playing field for small and midsize carriers that want access to the same freight markets as the bigger guys. Reliance Partners’ Jessie Merritt and EZ Loader’s Brad Clark discuss how their companies have teamed up to accomplish that by extracting time and costs out of the cargo insurance process for truck brokers.

SPEAKERS: Merritt is the VP of sales at Reliance Partners and Clark is the sales director at EZ Loader TMS.

BIOS: Merritt serves on the board of the Tennessee Trucking Foundation and is the current chairman of the Tennessee Trucking Association’s Young Professionals Council. She combines her technology and transportation experience in her work with RUBI, Reliance Partners’ usage-based insurance for motor carriers and freight brokers.

Clark, who was previously a sales manager at a freight brokerage, started at EZ Loader TMS in 2019. He currently heads up new client acquisition and utilizes customer feedback to help drive future development efforts.


“On the LTL side, anyone in the industry has seen that they’re never covered for the value. It takes months to get your money back. It has become a big headache for the freight broker, and it puts the broker in a bad position with the client as well.” – Brad Clark

“For any high-value freight, [brokers] can now not only source carriers that match up with a particular lane, they can source carriers based on whether the carriers’ cargo insurance covers it.” – Brad Clark

“We’re at a point with the supply chain where we have to level the playing field for midsize and small motor carriers to move every piece of freight with every opportunity that they have.” – Jessie Merritt