December 12, 2023

Introducing the Mexico Cargo Hijacking Data Portal by Borderless Coverage Powered by Reliance Partners

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At Reliance Partners, we are proud to announce the launch of our Mexico Cargo Hijacking Data Portal, a vital new resource for businesses operating in Mexico. This portal is a part of our Borderless Coverage initiative, specifically designed to address the significant challenges faced by companies due to cargo hijackings in Mexico. 

The Need for Reliable Data in a High-Risk Environment 

Mexico’s dynamic economy, particularly in sectors like automotive manufacturing, is a magnet for foreign investment. However, the lurking issue of cargo truck hijacking, especially in central and southern Mexico, casts a shadow over the country’s economic prospects. With violent crime being a high risk factor, and cargo hijacking imposing costs of up to 5% of GDP on companies, the need for accurate, detailed data has never been more pressing. 

What the Mexico Cargo Hijacking Data Portal Offers 

Our new data portal, based on meticulous analysis of government data, provides an in-depth view of the cargo hijacking landscape in Mexico.

Key insights from our portal reveal: 

  • A sharp increase in hijackings, with 6030 reported cases in the first nine months of 2023. 
  • The majority (85.5%) of these incidents occur in central and southern states, including Estado de Mexico, Puebla, and Michoacan. 
  • A striking contrast in hijacking rates between northern border states and other regions, showing how this risk varies across different regions. 

The Impact on Nearshoring and Foreign Investment 

While Mexico continues to attract foreign investment, especially from companies diversifying supply chains away from China, the difference in safety between the northern and southern states is significant. Our data shows that investment is mainly flowing to northern states, which present lower risks of targeted criminal activity. 

A Call for Improved Security Measures 

The data from our portal underlines the need for enhanced security measures, particularly in the central and southern regions. Without a strong effort to tackle these security challenges, Mexico risks missing out on substantial foreign investment. Improved highway security and effective strategies to protect cargo trucks are essential for the sustained growth of Mexico’s economy. 

Navigating Forward 

Reliance Partners is committed to providing actionable insights to help businesses navigate the complex landscape of logistics in Mexico. Our Mexico Cargo Hijacking Data Portal is more than just a storehouse of data; it’s a tool for empowering businesses with the knowledge they need to operate safely and efficiently in Mexico. 


We invite you to explore the portal and utilize its insights for your strategic planning. Together, we can contribute to a safer, more successful business environment in Mexico. 

Explore the Mexico Cargo Hijacking Data Portal 


This blog is part of our continued effort to bring attention to crucial issues affecting Mexico’s economy and the businesses operating within it. For further insights and analysis, stay tuned to our blog at Reliance Partners. 

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