Transportation & Logistics Insurance

Transportation & Logistics Insurance


At Reliance Partners, we know transportation insurance. Whether you are a single owner-operator or a large fleet, we have specialty insurance programs designed with you in mind. We write truck, warehousing, and freight broker insurance in almost every US state and have specialty NAFTA trucking programs for carriers who require liability and cargo insurance in Canada and Mexico.

We place the most comprehensive and ethical lines of insurance, safety, and risk management products for commercial transportation. We offer  many exclusive or limited programs  for niches such as: couriers, dump trucks and high risk truck insurance, among others.

Truck Insurance Programs

Reliance Partners does not sell our product exclusively on price. We provide value-added benefits and are proud to have the industry’s top customer service team. Our staff’s recognition in national publications like, Fortune, and Business Insurance are evidence of our strong service culture.

Reliance offers a multitude of insurance programs for trucking companies of all risk profiles including: new venture truck insurance, high-risk truck insurance, owner-operator programs. We also offer many niche insurance products focused around markets like: box trucks, bulk haulers, container haulers, couriers, dump operations, haz-mat carriers, hot-shot’s, LTL trucking companies, tow truck operations, and warehouse operations.

Insurance Coverage Options Include:

Auto Liability: Provides protection against legal liability arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of any insured automobile– from semi trucks to bobtail.

Bobtail Insurance: Operating a truck without a trailer is commonly known as “bobtailing.” Bobtail insurance covers the tractor anytime it is not attached to a trailer regardless of whether or not the truck is under dispatch.

Excess or Umbrella Insurance: Excess and umbrella supplement the existing coverage of underlying policies. Umbrella policies are broader than excess and can expand coverage to cover exclusions in the underlying policy.

General Liability: This insurance coverage protects your business for any property damage or bodily injury that might occur, not involving a truck.

Motor Truck Cargo: Covers the motor truck carrier if it is legally liable for the destruction, damage, or other loss of the customer’s property being shipped (lost packages, broken contents, stolen articles, etc.)

Occupational Accident Coverage (OCC/ACC) - An individual health plan to cover the individual. This coverage is commonly purchased by owner operators who are excluded under the worker’s compensation policies.

Non-Owned Trailer Liability: This insurance will protect a trailer when a trucking company pulls a trailer for a different trucking company.

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance: This coverage is similar to bobtail coverage, but will pay for property damage or bodily injury in the event of an accident when the driver/truck is not under dispatch and on personal time. The coverage can apply with or without a trailer and is in the form of an endorsement on a commercial policy.

Physical Damage: Provides protection against loss or damage to your covered vehicle resulting from an accident with another vehicle or object.

Property Insurance: Insurance that protects physical property and equipment against a loss from a covered peril

Terminal Coverage Insurance: This covers freight located at a terminal for a specific period of time in the event of a loss. Similar to warehouse legal coverage

Trailer Interchange Liability: Insurance that covers a trucking company to pull a non-owned trailer when there is an interchange agreement in place.

Warehouse Liability: This type of insurance is designed to cover freight or cargo being stored by the insured warehouse or trucking company in the case where the warehousing company charges a storage fee.

Workers Compensation: This insurance covers employees who experience work-related injuries or illnesses.


Reliance Partners is a leader in the freight broker and 3PL marketplace. We understand the risk management challenges of operating a freight brokerage in today’s marketplace.

We have customized products to suit the needs of each individual 3PL. In addition, two of our executive team members can empathize with risk management challenges having previously served in leadership roles for two of America’s largest freight brokers over the past decade.

Our solutions include:

Broker Bond: A surety bond used to ensure the financial responsibility. It can provide protection for payments to shippers or motor carriers in the event that the broker fails to carry out its contracts, agreements, or arrangements. The FMCSA requirement is $75,000.

Cargo: Provides more of a true cargo coverage form for a freight broker without the subrogation aspect of a contingent cargo coverage.

Contingent Cargo: This coverage applies when a trucking company fails to pay a valid cargo claim assuming the freight broker does not accept additional contractual liability.

Contingent Auto Liability: Insurance coverage for freight brokers that can assist with damages and/or defense costs in the event the freight broker is also named a party after damage or bodily injury to a third-party by a motor carrier.

Errors & Omission Insurance: Financial loss incurred by a freight broker’s customer caused by negligence, error, or omission on the part of the broker or 3PL in the normal course of freight brokerage business.

Excess & Umbrella Coverage: Additional coverage that may be purchased to increase liability or cargo coverage above existing limits. Umbrella insurance policies actually can expand coverage not present in the underlying policies while excess adds to the limits, but does not expand coverage.

General Liability: Freight brokerage insurance coverage for premises and incidental exposures

Property Insurance: Insurance that protects physical property and equipment against a loss from a covered peril

Trailer Interchange: Insurance that can be purchased to supplement the coverage of the asset-based carrier


We have several programs that are customized for freight forwarders and customs brokers including all of the coverages below:


Cargo Legal: This insurance is designed to cover on legal fees and/or judgments against a freight forwarder.

Contingent Auto Liability: Insurance coverage for freight forwarders that is designed to protect against liabilities from damages and/or defense cost in the event that a third-party (generally a trucking company) causes bodily injury or property damage.

Errors & Omissions (E&O): This insurance will help protect a freight forwarder from financial losses due to damages caused by a errors and omissions.

Excess & Umbrella: Excess insurance coverage is a policy that helps protect a freight forwarder when an underlying policy has been exhausted. It is applied to one policy and can expand coverage. Umbrella insurance coverage is a different type of excess policy and is similar, but can be applied to multiple policies.

Freight Forwarder’s Shipper’s Interest Cargo Insurance: This insurance allows freight forwarders to offer cargo insurance to their customers. This coverage is designed to apply to freight that will move via international transit such as ocean or air.

General Liability: General liability insurance is designed to protect against freight forwarding liability due to bodily injury or property damage for losses incurred.


Insurance coverage designed to protect a shipper’s goods when the motor carrier’s insurance declines or fails to respond to pay a claim. Shipper’s Interest Insurance will cover losses to cargo that are specified in the policy such as theft.

Once we have a better idea of your company’s needs, we can determine which policies are critical for your fleet and truckers’ safety.


At Reliance Partners, we are your go-to when looking for moving and storage insurance solutions. We have specialized agents and markets who understand how to insure operations of all sizes involved in household goods and commercial moving alike. These programs include intrastate or local moving operations along with interstate and long haul operations. These include new ventures, franchise operations, and portable storage container operations.

  • Auto Liability
  • Building & Contents Insurance
  • Excess Umbrella
  • General Liability
  • Movers Income Protection
  • Storage in Transit
  • Workers Compensation