Reliance Roadside Program

Reliance Roadside Program

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Reliance Roadside Program

Our emergency roadside assistance program can be added to any Reliance Partners policy. The service provides 24/7 roadside service and the coverages listed below.

Towing Assistance

Covered vehicle will be towed to the nearest service facility of your choice up to 50 miles or up to 2 hours port-to-port, whichever comes first.

Flat Tire Assistance

Service consists of the removal of the flat tire for the covered vehicle and its replacement with the already mounted spare tire located with the covered vehicle

Tire replacement assistance

Covers the cost of the service call to deliver a replacement tire only to the disablement site. You must pay for the cost of the tire and its installation.

Oil, Fluid, & Water Delivery Service

An emergency supply of oil, fluid, and water will be delivered if your covered vehicle becomes disabled due to running out of fluids. You must for any costs of the water, oil, or fluid.

Extrication/Winching Assistance

Assistance in extricating the covered vehicle when stuck in a ditch or other inaccessible area when such location is within 50 yards of a paved road or highway up to a maximum for ½ hour for a single truck’s service per occurrence.

Fuel Delivery Service

An emergency supply of up to 10 gallons of fuel will be delivered if your covered vehicle is in immediate need. You must pay for the cost of fuel.

Lock-Out/Replacement Key

Assistance will be provided to gain entry into the covered vehicle. You will be covered up to the maximum benefit amount of $100.00 for the total cost of lockout service and a new key.

Battery Assistance

A jump start or battery delivery service will be provided to start your covered vehicle. The cost of the battery, parts, and labor are at your expense.


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