November 12, 2016

Tips On Getting Oversize Permits For Shipping Goods

If a person is shipping an oversize load inside a single state, then he or she will need an oversize permit from the state in question. If the item is being transported through numerous states, then a permit from each state in question is necessary. As the definitions of an oversize load vary from state to state, one will want to check local laws and be sure to have the needed permits on hand. Following is a brief overview of how to get oversize permits for various states in the U.S.


A person who needs an oversize shipping permit for Texas should contact TxPROS. This can be done either by email or by calling (800) 299-1700. However, while the permit applications can be sent to an applicant by email, these have to be printed, filled out and then mailed back to TxPROS. This government body will then review the application and decide whether to grant or deny the shipping permit.


The Virginia DMV offers an automated routing solution that allows a company to apply for and receive a permit online. All one has to do is logon to the Virginia ARS website and follow the instructions listed there. One can also pay for the permit online by using either a credit or debit card. A person can either apply for a single trip permit or a blanket permit that will allow him or her to move oversize loads for a specific length of time.


Those who need an oversize permit in this state should go to This is the Florida government website where one can apply for a one time or blanket permit. The application can be send online, by fax or by mail. Payment is made by check, credit card or prepaid ARI account.


Oklahoma has an online permit website that allows a person or business to not only apply for a permit online but also check the status of the application. One can access this site at However, a person or company who has not applied for a permit before will need to submit a company profile application form to the permit office first.


Permits for oversize loads in the state of Illinois are handled by the Illinois Department of Transportation. One can download the application forms for such a permit at These forms are available in both .pdf format and as .doc files. These forms must be printed, filled out and then sent to the Illinois DOT for approval.


In order to get an oversize permit for the state of Indiana, one should visit, scroll down to the section where the oversize permit is listed and click on it. The form is a fill out .pdf file that can be sent back in to the Indiana government website for approval.

North Dakota

North Dakota, like most other states, has a website where one can apply for an oversize permit online. This site is There are a number of forms on this site, so one should carefully consider which permit would be the most applicable before filling out a form and sending it in. One can also apply for a permit in person at the North Dakota Permit Office. It is now located in room 139 of the North Dakota Department of Transportation, 608 East Boulevard Ave, Bismark. Business hours for this government department are from 7:10 am to 4:50 pm.


A Colorado oversize permit is not hard to get. These are issued by the Colorado DOT and one can apply by fax, snail mail, internet or in person. The cost of a permit varies, depending on what type of permit is needed, how large the load is and how many axles the transportation vehicle has. Single trip permits take only a few hours of turnaround time; however, other permits may take up to three to five days to process. The Colorado DOT advises that one should apply for a permit as early in the day as possible in order to avoid delays.

New Mexico

Those who want to download a permit application for this state can do so at There are three different types of forms to choose from and more information is provided with each downloadable form. The site also has a helpful oversize/overweight application checklist that will help one to see what the exact load regulations are for New Mexico.


A person who needs an oversize permit in this state will either need to order it by mail or pick it up in person from The Tennessee Department of Transportation. The address for this state government body is Overweight and Overdimensional Permits, James K. Polk Bldg, Suite 300, 505 Deaderick Street
Nashville. As the permit cannot be filled out online and emailed or faxed back to the department, one will want to allow for plenty of time for the permit to be processed.


Those who need a permit for Alabama should visit https:// for the necessary forms. Alternatively, one can hire a company to not only transport the load but also take care of getting the permit.


In order to get an oversize permit in this state, one will need to log in and request a permit at https:// All permits of this nature are handled by the Special Hauling Permits Section of the Ohio DOT. Permits cannot be emailed to the office but should be faxed, mailed or delivered in person.


A person or company will need to start by subscribing to One will then need to fill out an application form and send it in. This can be done online at


Nebraska has an automated truck permit system that can be found at This site allows one to fill out and send a permit online. One will then be notified of application approval using the contact information provided in the form.

This overview gives one an idea of what is required to get an oversize permit in these states. However, it is not a detailed list of requirements. A person who wants to transport an oversize load from one place to another should consider all local regulations listed on the above mentioned sites and make sure there will be no complications.