December 28, 2016

Guide To Bobtail Insurance And Rate My Truck Insurance

Bobtail Insurance

offers great solutions that are designed to satisfy your insurance needs. The available plans are well suited to different types of customers, including single owner operators and those running large fleets. The company has a solid reputation in the sector thanks to a superb customer service. Bobtail makes it easier to select the ideal insurance products for your organization.

The service provider also offers supplementary services like risk minimization and claims review. These offerings are aimed at making your worksite safer. Some of the key insurance protection products on offer cover the following:

– General liability
– Workers compensation
– Errors and omissions
– Commercial property coverage
– Directors and officers liability
– Employee benefits (including group health and life)

Owners of semi-trailer trucks and independent contractors are usually required to have non-trucking liability insurance. These requirements are laid out by clients or the trucking industry. This is aimed at providing sufficient protection in the event of an accident. The accidents covered also include situations when the truck is not used for work-related tasks.

The policies offered by Bobtail are dissimilar to the non-trucking liability plans. Bobtail insurance is geared towards truckers that do deadheading (detaching the trailer and driving without it to another stop). The same applies when deadheading and driving a semi-home. On the other hand, it is common for companies to require independent truck drivers to have this type of insurance. The drivers are expected to foot the insurance bill.

Bobtail insurance is a necessity since the non-trucking liability insurance does not provide protection when involved in an accident while driving without hooking the trailer. This is the case even if the trucker is actually working and en-route to pick up a load. Getting involved in a collision without a load and the trailer means a trucker needs cover from Bobtail.

Rate My Truck Insurance offers a wide range of commercial truck insurance products to suit varying requirements. The insurance company provides customized options for both small and large operators. Some of the commercial insurance products on offer include:

– Commercial Auto Liability
– Physical Damage
– Motor Carrier Coverage
– Auto Liability (AL)
– Hotshot Insurance
– Flatbed Trucking Insurance
– General Liability (GL)
– Cargo
– Bobtail & Non-Trucking Liability
– Dump Truck Insurance
– And more understands the needs of truckers closely thanks to years of experience. The insurer employs professionals capable of creating viable solutions that are tailored to specific insurance needs. They are aware of the risks associated with trucking. The risk is compounded by frequent work-related trips and the transportation of a wide variety of cargo.

For this reason, it is vital for owner-operators and large fleet organizations to take maximum cover policies. The plans are specifically designed to satisfy the unique needs of drivers and the fleet.

The insurer prides itself for providing a customer-focused service that incorporates a broad range of coverage and customization options. Multiple choices are available for both standard policies and tailormade solutions. This aimed at ensuring that truckers can find an option with the required features.

In addition, values accessibility when it comes to offering a superb customer service. This allows customers or truckers to take advantage of support services in a timely fashion. As such, RMTI provides sufficient information both online and offline. A well-informed customer makes the right decisions that benefit their organization. In turn, the insurer enjoys great customer relationships and loyalty.

The service provider’s professional staff are available to answer questions related to coverage in addition to addressing any concerns. As a result, customers obtain the right answers that satisfy specific needs.