July 24, 2017

Heavy Haul Trucking Insurance

Heavy haul trucking is a very lucrative business and if you are in it or are considering getting into it, you know that you will gain immense profits from the operation. However, there are many set-backs involved in heavy haul trucking which include accidents that damage your truck, illnesses and mechanical breakdowns. These challenges can be a very huge drawback and can end up taking most of your profits in the form of repairs. Heavy haul trucking insurance is a way for us to provide you with a safety net to fall back on when the going gets tough and you need someone to help you out. We will cover you against various forms of losses as we have outlined below.

Liability coverage

What happens if you ram your truck into someone’s property? That is where we come in by putting up the money needed to cover the third party against their losses, allowing you to be back on the road in no time.

Collision coverage

If you should find that your truck has collided with another car, you need not worry as we have you covered. We will pay for the repairs that need to be carried out on your truck and this will also include towing and storage fees.

Comprehensive coverage

There are many other threats that your truck is exposed to other than collision and this includes disasters such as floods, fires and theft. Though these are not common, we will provide you with comprehensive coverage to protect you from a loss in the event that they occur.

heavy haul trucking insurance

Cargo insurance

We understand that the cargo you are hauling is important to the continuity of your heavy haul trucking business and as such, we will cover you against any losses that might come about due to damage to or theft of the cargo. Our heavy haul trucking insurance goes a step further to allow you to choose what cargo to insure if you are dealing with specific cargo.

Loading/ unloading insurance

Damage can come to the cargo during loading and unloading processes and as such, we have a cover to protect you from losses accruing from such damage. It is especially essential that you take such a cover if you are dealing with fragile merchandise.

Debris removal

Where you have been in an accident and your truck has been towed away, you will be held responsible for cleaning up afterwards. If you wish to have this burden taken off your shoulders, we can cover you for debris removal and we will handle everything that needs to be taken care of at the accident site.

Other ways in which we can protect you include loss mitigation and combined deductibles which cover you against losses and high premiums respectively. Given the lucrative nature of heavy haul trucking, it is imperative that you get heavy haul trucking insurance that will protect you from having to bear the burden that comes with losses and expenses involved with illness and accidents while on the road. Let us make your journey easier by shouldering that burden.