May 1, 2024

How to Prepare for CVSA International Roadcheck 2024

As the CVSA International Roadcheck approaches, Reliance Partners gears up to equip drivers and carriers with essential insights for a seamless inspection process. Scheduled for May 14-16 across North America, this year’s Roadcheck emphasizes two critical areas: tractor protection systems and alcohol and controlled substances. Mark Barlar, Director of DOT Regulatory Compliance at Reliance Partners, sheds light on these focal points to ensure the most preparedness.

Barlar emphasizes the importance of adherence to regulations, emphasizing the need to eliminate any unauthorized items within the vehicle. “Drivers must ensure they are fit to drive, devoid of any prohibited substances, personal belongings, or alcohol,” he advises.

While alcohol and controlled substances might seem unconventional in safety inspections, the CVSA highlights their significance due to escalating concerns surrounding their possession and use among drivers. This underscores the broader safety implications for all motorists traversing North American roadways.

Additionally, Barlar delves into the inspection of tractor protection systems, a task requiring collaborative efforts. He stresses the necessity for thorough testing of air brakes and anti-bleedback systems, noting that such inspections necessitate the involvement of two individuals.

Aware of the extended inspection hours during Roadcheck, Barlar urges night drivers to proactively assess their tractor systems. Safety managers are encouraged to conduct pre-trip inspections meticulously, as issues with tractor protection systems can lead to costly out-of-service violations and potential towing expenses.

As the countdown to Roadcheck commences, Reliance Partners stands ready to support drivers and carriers in navigating these critical inspection areas. Prioritizing safety and compliance, we empower our partners to navigate regulatory landscapes with confidence.

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