May 5, 2017

Part II: 2017 Transportation Outlook

With a record-setting Q1 in our rear-view, Reliance Partners is entrenching itself in Q2 efforts and continuing to grow at an exciting and sustainable rate.  We’ve outgrown our second office in the past 18 months and are anxiously anticipating the move into a new office in the heart of Downtown Chattanooga later this month.  Check out a sneak peek below:

We’re fortunate to have this growth at our door-step but it is not by accident or chance; our development as a company comes from a transparent culture that promotes a combination of teamwork and individual investments into understanding the many intricacies of the transportation industry.

Unlike most insurance agencies and brokerages, we are transportation-centric, and the Reliance Partners nucleus was born from a logistics background. This distinction in the insurance world gives us the continuing ability to disrupt an otherwise mundane piece to the transportation puzzle. Rather than wait for renewals and referrals, we are actively helping companies not only find the right coverage for their company but we are consulting these companies (owner-operators, small companies, fleets, etc.) on ways to better their business.

The consulting aspect of Reliance Partners couples our insurance prowess and pre-existing knowledge of the trucking and freight world, thus, guaranteeing we find the best coverage at the lowest rate for our clients.

Andrea Wells of the Insurance Journal recently wrote an article titled “Commercial Auto – The Long Road to Profitability,”[1] that details the need for a holistic approach to operations between trucking companies, insurance carriers, and the agents/brokers. In an excerpt from her article she describes this need for universal participation, and it is exactly what Reliance Partners strives to achieve day in and day out:

“Carriers, insureds and their agents must each play a role in managing today’s commercial auto market…The best thing an agent specialist can do to help a client is become immersed in the niche market.”

Luckily for our clients, we don’t have to ‘become’ immersed:  we are and have been immersed in the trucking industry since inception and have these niche markets covered. Whether it’s high risk truck insurance, cargo insurance, new venture truck insurance, business insurance, worker’s comp, or simply risk mitigation tips, we’re a one stop shop.

Wells’ article also cites Chris Moulder, Vice President and broker at Worldwide Facilities LLC, as he further suggests lower rates and higher profitability will come as all parties work together. He says “the underwriters that specialize in commercial auto or specialty auto are starting to realize they can’t just throw rates at an underperforming class of business and just hope for improvement…it’s going to take a lot of work to improve performance.”

While improving industry-wide performance seems easier said than done, step one should be knowing that your brokers and agents have your best interest in mind in every aspect of your company. These improvements towards profitability can start with Reliance Partners’ dynamic approach to brokering insurance. There is no resting on our laurels, and our fast-paced mentality is bred on and parallel to that of the trucking industry.

We have agents licensed across the country and they are ready to consult any and all of your trucking needs.


Gentry Smith

Senior Director of Sales

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