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Mar 2023

Policy vs. guidance: Why it matters to know the difference

How carriers can benefit from cleaning up their rulebooks There’s no getting around one thing: Every motor carrier needs safety policies. If those policies have ever backfired at your company, as they inevitably have at some point for many, have you considered that it shouldn’t be a policy at all? “You have those occasions where the policy [gets] broken, but you never have any other […]

Jan 2023

Reliance Partners CFO bearish on trucking rebound in 2023

Trucking’s dismal bid season may set the tone for 2023. Thom Albrecht, chief financial officer and chief revenue officer of Reliance Partners, isn’t holding his breath for a turnaround. He figures any conversation about the recovery of freight volumes, rates or even profits isn’t worth having until possibly 2024. “Even as volumes pick up a little bit seasonally, it’s not going to be very fun […]

Nov 2022

Post-accident violations? They may be challengeable

It’s important to remember not to take CSA violations at face value Has a post-accident inspection ever blemished your compliance, safety and accountability score? If so, there’s a chance it could be reversed. “Violations that occur as a result of an accident are not supposed to count toward your CSA score,” said Robert Kaferle, Reliance Partners’ vice president of safety. However, carriers far too often […]

Mar 2022

Going the extra mile to safely ship seafood across the border

The cold chain must never be broken Running a cross-border business is hard enough, but even more so when seafood is in the mix. Now you’ve got to worry about spoilage in addition to cargo theft and other risks. Phillipe Katkhouda knew that he couldn’t run a successful cross-border shipping business without strict adherence to risk mitigation, so when he entered the industry in 2017, […]

Nov 2021

Combining insurance and FreightTech to hurdle any cross-border issue

Risk mitigation involves both insurance and technology solutions They say the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but in terms of shipping, this is definitely not the case for goods bound for Mexico. Cross-border shipping carries inherent risks that often can’t be avoided. From differing rules and regulations to theft, it’s best to equip your business with partners who know the […]

Nov 2021

F3 Tech in Action: Taming the cargo insurance challenge

Truck brokers can ease the burden of insuring both LTL and truckload cargo while saving time and money This recap is from Day 3 of FreightWaves’ F3 Virtual Experience. TECH IN ACTION TOPIC: Per-load cargo insurance coverage simplified with Reliance Partners and EZ Loader. DETAILS: Trucking insurance specialist Reliance Partners and freight brokerage transportation management software company EZ Loader want to level the playing field […]

Nov 2021

Tips for boosting driver retention

With drivers having the upper hand at the bargaining table, it’s up to fleets to make the next move It’s one thing to recruit quality drivers but keeping them is the real challenge. The industry has long dealt with a driver shortage that seems to have only worsened since the beginning of the pandemic. Now more than ever, drivers have the upper hand at the […]

Sep 2021

Develop a blueprint for policies and procedures

Documenting policies and procedures helps build the foundation of any safety program Teams that don’t follow a well-executed game plan aren’t expected to succeed. The same goes for trucking companies without safety policies in place. Don’t be surprised when trouble comes your way. Nothing great is built without a blueprint, which is why it’s important for motor carriers to put pen to paper as to […]

Jul 2021

Trust your instincts when GPS leads you astray

Maps will never steer you in the wrong direction The semi truck may be king of the road, but its dominion only reaches so far; there are certainly places it doesn’t belong. However, with time crunches, traffic, construction work and other constraints along the way, many commercial drivers opt for the fastest route even if it means straying far off the beaten track. Brian Runnels […]

Jun 2021

Accepting constructive criticism first step in mitigating risk

Willingness to make improvements one of the smartest traits a trucker or motor carrier can possess Most people don’t like to be told that they’re doing things wrong — but don’t want to be caught messing up either. Constructive criticism is not always easy to hear, but just like applying hydrogen peroxide to a wound, the pain is for the best. The same applies to […]