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Mar 2022

Mexico increasingly attractive for US shippers, manufacturers

Rise of nearshoring, increased cross-border trade put spotlight on what Mexico has to offer Economic growth in Mexico has caught the attention of many U.S. manufacturers and shippers looking to nearshore or take advantage of Mexico’s improving transportation networks and young, educated workforce. It seems that Mexico and the U.S. share more than just a border. “A lot of companies that went to China, Thailand […]

May 2021

Stay Alert and Slow Down Through Work Zones

Tired drivers and intoxicated drivers cause equally disastrous accidents Excerpt: Reliance Partners’ Brian Runnels and Mark Barlar speak from their driver and State Patrol experience on the dangers that speed, distractions and fatigue present in construction zones. Large trucks are involved in one-third of all fatal crashes in work zones, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The agency issued a press release […]

Mar 2021

Spring cleaning: Time to tidy up your truck

Remember that slips, trips and falls aren’t just outside dangers Let’s face it, your truck probably needs a deep clean. Perhaps it was one of your New Year’s resolutions, but after a long and relentless winter, a truck caked in grimy layers of salt and dirt may not be the only mess on your hands. A victim of cabin fever, you’ve come to the realization […]

Jan 2021

CDL fraud could rise under relaxed requirements

Rule change may net more drivers for the industry but will the propensity for fraud increase as well? Tractor trailers and automobiles may share the roadways, but not everybody has the right to drive in the proverbial truck lane. Obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a rite of passage for any driver eager to traverse the wide world of logistics. However, this rite isn’t […]

Nov 2020

Conquering mountains is a downhill battle

For truckers, conquering mountains and steep terrain is a downhill battle. And yes, things can go downhill very fast when an 80,000-pound loaded truck experiences brake failure, or worse, when a driver makes a serious error. Drivers who find themselves at the mercy of momentum quite literally receive a crash course in the laws of physics as their speed becomes uncontrollable. Thankfully, some of the […]

Mar 2019

The Reliance Way

Community Outreach is not something you often hear about within the workplace. Reliance Partners believes service provides opportunity to make an impact in the Chattanooga community. Once a quarter, Reliance Partners will execute a community service project. Saturday, February 16th 50 Reliance Partners employees volunteered with the Chambliss Center for Children. Groups spread out to tackle several projects from disinfecting classrooms and toys to mulching […]

Dec 2018

6 Things You Should Know About Personal Conveyance

Check out this article featuring our very own VP of Risk Services, John Seidl. Please click here to read the full article! —— Your driver had to wait long past his appointment to unload, and now he’s out of hours. The receiver says the driver has to leave the property, but doing so will break federal hours of service rules. The now-required electronic logging device means he can’t […]

Nov 2018

Reliance Partners Names Chief Sales Officer and Location in Austin, TX

RELIANCE PARTNERS NAMES CHIEF SALES OFFICER AND ANNOUNCES NEW LOCATION IN AUSTIN, TX   Chattanooga, Tenn. – November 19, 2018 – Reliance Partners is pleased to announce the addition of Brandon Richards as Chief Sales Officer and growth into the Austin market.  Richards is a veteran insurance professional with more than 17 years in the commercial transportation insurance space. Brandon’s addition also marks the opening of a […]

Nov 2018

The CAB Tells All

That time of year can be very stressful for some people. Yes, that time of year I am speaking of is the renewal of your insurance policy. A helpful way to smooth the transition from policy to policy each year is taking care to understand what information is made available by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). One service in particular plays a critical role […]

Nov 2018

What Makes Reliance Partners a Great Place to Work?

October 25, 2018 Reliance Partners was named a top workplace in America by Fortune Magazine. While companies look to recruit and hire candidates that fit company culture, it is equally as important for job seekers to find the right fit. What should one expect in a typical day working for Reliance Partners? Collaborative Environment When society pictures a work environment, cubicles, silence and little employee […]

Oct 2018

Reliance Partners’ John Seidl to Speak at 49th Annual IAICDV

Back by popular demand to the 49th Annual IAICDV Annual Convention, John Seidl will leverage his experience to help members of the International Association of Ice Cream Distributors and Vendors learn more about the latest safety strategy, safety culture, risk assessment, and compliance. Learn more about the event here.    

Oct 2017

Truck Insurance Premiums Rise – What can you do to control cost?

Truck insurance rates have continued to climb throughout the US and show no signs of slowing down. Increased premium costs are a result of high losses that have continued to surge over the past few years. These rate increases have driven auto liability (AL) premiums well above historic ranges. A number of insurance companies have opted to stop writing AL coverage in the truck space […]

Apr 2017

How To Transport A Boat On A Tractor Trailer

How to transport a boat on a tractor trailer can be a very challenging experience, especially if you are the owner of the boat and you’re doing this for the very first time. Not that the task requires very specialized skills. On the contrary, how to transport a boat on a tractor trailer–can be as mundane and as ordinary to a truck trailer driver. So […]

Jan 2017

Importance Of Commercial Trucking Insurance

Road transportation is the primary method of transport within a country. Commercial trucks are among the most popular vehicles used in road transportation to carry waste, raw materials and finished goods. While commercial trucks are bigger in size than the average vehicle, they are quite vulnerable to accidents and damages. Every year, there are a number of reported cases of collisions and other types of […]

Why Intermodal Trucking Insurance Matters

Intermodal trucking is becoming the go-to choice for companies interested in long-haul shipping. Some of these companies invest a significant amount of money in each shipment. The following are a few reasons why intermodal trucking insurance matters. Various Transport Phases Some shippers are leery of intermodal trucking due to the transitional phases the container will go through. But many choose this option because it is […]

Nov 2016

How To Choose A Heavy Equipment Transporter

Transporting heavy equipment is not a job that is as easy as may seem and this explains why anyone would want to be very careful when looking for a heavy equipment transporter. There are many freight companies out there, but it is important to know that not all of them are the same. If it is your first time looking for a heavy equipment transporter, […]

Sep 2016

7 Key Considerations When Choosing A Trucking Freight Brokerage

According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the trucking industry delivers 70% (9.2 billion tons) of all the freight delivered to businesses and individuals across the US. To achieve this goal, the trucking industry relies on more than 3 million drivers and almost 3 million heavy-duty class-8 trucks that consume over 37 billion gallons of diesel annually. In addition, truckers rely on brokers to fill […]

Aug 2016

“18 and Life”

I’m going to apologize to all of you who clicked on this link thinking this story was about a famous Skid Row song. Although there’s so much to love about 80’s hair bands, this story is about something else I’m very passionate about – 18 wheelers. I don’t drive one and will never be qualified enough to do so. They are fascinating pieces of equipment […]

Aug 2016

Streamlining the Claims Process for Commercial Truck Insurance

Though your commercial trucking company is always concerned with safety, the truth is that at some time an accident will happen. The key to a smooth commercial insurance claims process is to follow a few simple steps. These steps should begin immediately following any accident. When these steps are followed methodically they can dramatically reduce any claim delays and denials. The result for your commercial […]

May 2016

The Importance Of The E-logs Tracking System

In the not too distant past, truck drivers were faced with the grueling task of preparing paper logs to record the activities of the day. These included hours driven, length of fuel stops, duration of meal breaks, breakdowns, accidents and where their routes started and ended. Fortunately, the e-log system has been simplifying this burdensome process by tracking the activities of the driver electronically. All […]