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Apr 2023

Small steps go a long way to prevent damage claims

Reliance Partners shares essential tips for drivers and carriers Shippers and carriers alike probably agree that one of their highest priorities is for shipments to arrive damage free. Achieving this is the driver’s and carrier’s shared responsibility, and often it goes off without a hitch. But due to countless controllable and uncontrollable variables, shipments don’t always arrive in the condition listed on the bill of […]

Mar 2023

How safety can be the key to lowering insurance costs

Reliance Partners helps trucking companies minimize risk, improve safety Everybody in the transportation industry can probably agree on one thing: It’s not cheap to keep a trucking business running. FreightWaves has estimated it costs $210,000 to operate just one truck annually, based on running 120,000 miles. Fleet owners might even say that most of the expenses that contribute to this figure are out of their […]

Jan 2023

Remember, bridges first things on road to freeze

Structures susceptible to wind, rain and snow on all sides, even from below One can never be too sure the road ahead is without ice, especially considering the freeze-first nature of bridges. The question is: Are you willing to take your chances? Reliance Partners Vice President of Safety Brian Runnels explains why bridges are the last place a driver would want to hit an ice […]

Jan 2023

It’s time to clean out the permit book

‘There’s no bonus points for having old permits in your permit book, so only keep what you need’ Out with the old and in with the new. It’s time to update — and clean out — your permit book. Jan. 1 is when the majority of permits expire, so be sure to get yours updated immediately. But sack those old permits while you’re at it. […]

Jan 2023

Wisdom doesn’t come from experience but from willingness to learn

Don’t think that trucking comes without a learning curve No two days are the same for a truck driver. And so there’s always something new to learn. Think of the highway challenges you encounter every day, the maintenance issues that pop up from time to time, not to mention the ever-changing regulatory environment. Robert Kaferle, Reliance Partners’ vice president of safety, explains that from an […]

Jan 2023

Set New Year’s resolutions with safety in mind

What are you looking to accomplish this year? Happy New Year! Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to make those resolutions. Whether it’s to improve your vehicle maintenance record, boost retention rates, mitigate driver violations or revamp your safety training program — or all of the above — January is the time to put a plan into motion. But just like having a […]

Dec 2022

Involvement best way to bring change to trucking industry

Anytime is a good time to connect with state, national organizations Are there things you wish you could change in the trucking industry? Do you sometimes feel as if you’re the only one frustrated by some particular issue? Chances are many others feel the same way. But nothing will change unless someone speaks up. And that someone could be you. “Getting involved in state and […]

Dec 2022

How to winter-proof your pre-trips

Ice presents many ways of putting you at risk It may be cold outside, perhaps bone-chilling in your neck of the woods, but that’s no excuse to skimp on your pre-trip inspections. Reliance Partners Vice President of Safety Brian Runnels encourages truckers to brave the elements and go above what’s required of your pre-trips this winter to check for ice-related issues that could freeze you […]

Feb 2022

Trucking 101: Reality doesn’t always meet expectations

Trucking offers great opportunities, but life on the road isn’t for everyone Commercial trucking, like any job, has its ups and downs. The road is smooth for the most part, but it can become bumpy at times and turn unexpectedly. That said, the industry is known for its welcoming atmosphere, attracting drivers of diverse backgrounds. What’s more, pay has been increasing along with other benefits, […]

Jan 2022

Trucking 101: Returning to the basics

Reliance Partners’ new series will explore safety and soft skills In a technology-rich and automated industry, it’s easy to take certain aspects of the job for granted. But what if your GPS loses signal? Would you know how to get to your destination on time? Situations like these are merely bumps in the road if you’ve come prepared. It’s never too late to learn truck […]

Dec 2021

Central Freight Lines’ closure puts quality drivers on market

Reliance Partners: Winning companies will make driver experience more favorable LTL carrier Central Freight Lines met its demise earlier this week in what many have said was a long time coming after a series of misfortunes. The biggest trucking company shutdown since Celadon’s closure in December 2019, Central Freight similarly leaves 2,100 workers, including 1,325 drivers, without a job just a week before Christmas. For the drivers, […]

Dec 2021

Risk knows no bounds when it comes to cross-border shipping

Customers appreciate the 411 on Mexican cargo liabilities Cross-border shipping involves numerous — and often hidden — risks. For instance, many U.S. shippers are surprised to learn that they’re on the hook for cargo losses that occur all too frequently south of the border. Mark Vickers, Reliance Partners’ executive vice president of international logistics, connected with Jose Minarro, managing director of Sunset Transportation, to discuss the ever-present […]

Oct 2021

Unannounced hazmat inspections reveal risks, unsafe practices

Carriers hauling hazardous materials and dangerous goods must ensure safety of drivers and the public The results are in: Hazmat violations continue to be a problem. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has released the findings of its unannounced-inspection initiative this summer, which cracked down on safety issues related to the transport of hazardous materials and dangerous goods (HM/DG) as part this year’s Road Blitz. […]

Sep 2021

Railroad crossings require extra precautions, good judgment

Beware of elevated crossings that can leave you stranded on the tracks Following a fatal collision between a tractor-trailer and freight train in Houston earlier this month, drivers are urged to take extra precautions when approaching railroad crossings. The accident occured when a Kansas City Southern train collided with a truck, resulting in the death of the truck driver, the company said in a statement. The […]

Jul 2021

Trust your instincts when GPS leads you astray

Maps will never steer you in the wrong direction The semi truck may be king of the road, but its dominion only reaches so far; there are certainly places it doesn’t belong. However, with time crunches, traffic, construction work and other constraints along the way, many commercial drivers opt for the fastest route even if it means straying far off the beaten track. Brian Runnels […]

Jun 2021

Modernization of Cross Border Trade event returns to Laredo

Cross-border summit to talk international trade, cargo visibility and B-1 visa drivers After going virtual last year because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Modernization of Cross Border Trade annual conference returns Thursday as an in-person event in Laredo, Texas. Borderless Coverage powered by Reliance Partners and the Laredo Motor Carriers Association are hosting the fourth-annual event, which aims to highlight U.S.-Mexico trade while having a […]

May 2021

Best to have mock audits uncover your flaws than the feds

It’s hard to know just when the feds will knock on your door. It’s best to clean up before they show up Poor-performing motor carriers shouldn’t be surprised when the feds come knocking at their door, but complacency brews trouble too. Unexpected inspections can land even the best motor carriers in hot water if violations are brought to light. That’s why it’s best to clean […]

Apr 2021

Check lights and logs before next week’s safety blitz

Don’t let a dead light bulb or preventable logbook violation ruin your day With the International Roadcheck just a week away, now’s your last chance to dot your i’s and cross your t’s in and around your truck and trailer. Most vehicle violations are easily preventable — if proper precautions are routinely taken. Reliance Partners Director of Safety Brian Runnels provides a few simple tips to ensure […]

Mar 2021

High winds pose invisible threat

“You can’t put yourself in a situation where there’s 80-mile-an-hour gusts with an empty trailer” Semi-trucks and sailboats have a few things in common. The gleaming aluminum and steel trailers that dot the highways parallel ships at sea with large, white sails; both chart their courses, head for open routes and find themselves at the mercy of the winds. Although large and monumentally heavy, tractor-trailers, […]

Mar 2020

The 6 Steps to Staying Ahead of Rising Commercial Truck Insurance Rates

Trucking insurance is one of the largest expenses for business owners. Here’s how you can stay ahead of rising costs.

Sep 2019

The 3 Most Common Questions About New Venture Trucking Insurance

Going out on your own in the business world can be risky. New-venture trucking companies are no exception to the unpredictability of business ownership.   Thinking about starting your own trucking authority? Before you choose a company name or register with the DOT, here are answers to some of the most common questions about new venture trucking insurance!   1) Do I Really Need a […]

Mar 2019

Reliance Partners, Proud Sponsor of the FreightTech Innovation Challenge

Chattanooga, Tenn., March 28, 2019 Reliance Partners is proud to a be an esteemed sponsor of the FreightTech Innovation Challenge, along with FreightWaves, Co.Lab and US Xpress. It is set to be a driving force of youth and innovation in the logistics industry, attracting young and diverse talent from the nation’s top schools to innovate on some of the most challenging industry issues. The FreightTech […]

Mar 2019

Reliance Partners Named Top Workplace in Financial Services & Insurance by FORTUNE

Chattanooga, Tenn., March 26, 2019- Reliance Partners was Named One of the 2019 Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance, by FORTUNE. Great Place to Work®, a research and consulting firm, analyzed anonymous survey responses representing over 726,000 employees working in the Financial Services & Insurance industry in the United States. All employees were surveyed, and comprehensive characteristics were considered: experiences of accountability, trust, the […]

Mar 2019

The Reliance Way

Community Outreach is not something you often hear about within the workplace. Reliance Partners believes service provides opportunity to make an impact in the Chattanooga community. Once a quarter, Reliance Partners will execute a community service project. Saturday, February 16th 50 Reliance Partners employees volunteered with the Chambliss Center for Children. Groups spread out to tackle several projects from disinfecting classrooms and toys to mulching […]

Jan 2019

Insurance Solutions for all Fleet Types

Running a logistics/trucking company is no easy task. Often times, it presents many unforeseen road blocks and challenges along the way. As an insurance agent that specializes in trucking, I have gotten numerous phone calls from company owners explaining to me why they are uninsurable and how they will have to stop running their trucks because they could not find insurance. Frequently, these calls of […]

Dec 2018

The Future of Freight

Want to learn more about the Future of Freight? Sahej Singh, Strategy Analyst at Reliance Partners, recently contributed “Freight Revolution”,  by FreightWaves and Uber Freight.   Please click  here (pg.64) to read the full article!

Nov 2018

What Makes Reliance Partners a Great Place to Work?

October 25, 2018 Reliance Partners was named a top workplace in America by Fortune Magazine. While companies look to recruit and hire candidates that fit company culture, it is equally as important for job seekers to find the right fit. What should one expect in a typical day working for Reliance Partners? Collaborative Environment When society pictures a work environment, cubicles, silence and little employee […]

Apr 2018

Reliance Partners Announces New Office Opening in Central Florida

Reliance Partners is pleased to announce an office expansion in Vero Beach, FL. The expansion marks the fifth office location for Reliance with additional expansion plans underway. Reliance Partners is a commercial insurance specialist with a large presence in the transportation marketplace where the company offers insurance services in 48 states. Reliance has been recognized by numerous publications for its growth and top work environment. […]

Dec 2017

Basic Guide To 18 Wheeler Insurance

Basic Guide To 18 Wheeler Insurance It is no secret that 18 wheeler insurance does not come cheap owing to the considerable liability risks associated with the trucking business. For this reason, it is important to find an insurance firm that understands 18 wheelers and provide practical policies that meet specific requirements at a reasonable cost. The cost of insuring a truck is determined by […]