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Mar 2023

Are you recognizing the right drivers?

Why a good safety culture can help your business flourish How do you define a “good” driver? For many carriers, that definition begins and ends with those who deliver as much freight as possible on time. After all, this is how carriers generate revenue. Robert Kaferle, vice president of safety at Reliance Partners, a trucking insurance agency and provider of safety consulting, urges fleet owners […]

Mar 2023

PSP records: A driver’s resume

How drivers can clean up their violation, crash history reports As its name suggests, the Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) is used by motor carriers ahead of a hiring decision to evaluate a prospective driver’s safety history. As such, drivers should treat their PSP records like a resume, said Mark Barlar, director of DOT regulatory compliance at Reliance Partners, a trucking insurance and safety consulting agency. […]

Aug 2022

Reliance Partners Announces Investment from Carousel Capital

August 29, 2022, Chattanooga, TN — Reliance Partners, LLC (“Reliance” or the “Company”), a leading commercial insurance broker serving the transportation industry, announced today that Carousel Capital (“Carousel”) has partnered with Reliance management and Lamp Post Group to recapitalize the Company. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, Reliance is the fastest organically growing commercial insurance broker in the United States with nearly $500 […]

Nov 2021

Industry urged to join workforce development programs

‘The idea of workforce boards is to determine what industries or sectors you want to support, and then allocate funds to help create a workforce to support those industries’ If there’s one thing the trucking industry is lacking, it’s self-promotion. That’s the opinion of Andy Owens, CEO of A&M Transport, who encourages industry leaders nationwide to take leadership roles on local workforce development boards. The pandemic […]

Aug 2021

Reliance Partners ‘bullish’ on Laredo, Texas-Mexico corridor

US manufacturers see potential for greater trade with Mexico There’s much to gain from the nearly $2 billion in trade flows across the U.S.-Mexico border every day. Pacific trade lanes remain stifled by west coast port congestion, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the trade war between the United States and China. These past-year developments have led many American companies with outsourced operations to set up shop much […]

Jun 2021

Safety expert reflects on emotional toll of truck accident

‘It changed a lot about the way I drove and my thoughts on distracted driving’ One mistake behind the wheel can lead to devastating consequences to you and those around you. Semi truck accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence on our nation’s highways. Many drivers won’t admit it, but it’s easy for those who have managed to evade these harrowing events to lull themselves into […]

Apr 2021

Insurance basics: Selecting the right auto liability policy

It’s vital to speak with an agency that has experience working with new entrants to the trucking industry Near the top of the to-do list for any trucking company is securing basic auto liability coverage before hitting the road. For those without trucking experience, understanding how to get the right insurance can be daunting. Reliance Partners Chief Sales Officer Brandon Richards reassures new entrants that insurance […]

Mar 2021

Reliance Partners offers usage-based insurance for freight industry

Reliance Partners to provide usage-based insurance for domestic, cross-border and international freight Today’s fast-paced freight landscape demands all things be instantaneous. Thankfully, advancements in technology and innovations in approach have made keeping pace easier than ever. Utilization- or usage-based insurance (UBI) presents a new way of quoting and securing coverage, and this model has made its way into the transportation and logistics sector with Reliance Partners at […]

Feb 2021

Don’t skate past safety precautions on icy roads

Icy roads can overpower even the most experienced drivers It can happen in an instant — you’ve hit a patch of ice and lose control of your vehicle. As you instinctively press the brakes to no avail, the sudden loss of traction leaves you feeling helpless. Hopefully no one’s in your path as you careen down the highway. Frigid weather can precipitate precarious situations like […]

Feb 2021

Insurance basics: Becoming an owner-operator

Owner-operators on the hook for most insurance expenses It takes a great deal of confidence and a little bit of know-how to become an owner-operator. Ditching the fleet life for a sweet life on your own can be liberating for drivers possessing an autonomous mindset. But traversing the freight landscape solo has its own set of challenges, too. In fact, being at the helm of […]

Dec 2020

Drivers too are culpable for industry turnover

A relationship is defined as the way in which two or more people are connected. In terms of trucking, you’d be hard-pressed to find one more important than the relationship between a driver and motor carrier. That is why driver turnover is always of great concern for the trucking industry. For whatever reason, whether it be in search of better pay or shorter hauls, a […]

Mar 2020

The 6 Steps to Staying Ahead of Rising Commercial Truck Insurance Rates

Trucking insurance is one of the largest expenses for business owners. Here’s how you can stay ahead of rising costs.

Oct 2019

Reliance Partners Named on 2020 FreightTech 100 List.

FreightWaves, the industry-leading provider of 24/7 news, data and analytics for the global freight and logistics markets, announced Reliance Partners as one of the winners of the 2020 FreightTech 100 Awards.

Sep 2019

The 3 Most Common Questions About New Venture Trucking Insurance

Going out on your own in the business world can be risky. New-venture trucking companies are no exception to the unpredictability of business ownership.   Thinking about starting your own trucking authority? Before you choose a company name or register with the DOT, here are answers to some of the most common questions about new venture trucking insurance!   1) Do I Really Need a […]

Jun 2019

Do I Need Trailer Interchange or Non-Owned Trailer Coverage?

by Yahaira Cope, Account Manager When beginning your trucking company, it’s crucial to explore all your options relating to the kinds of coverage you’ll need to operate effectively. One essential question that gets asked by many truckers has to do with opting for the right trailer coverage: Do I really need trailer interchange or non-owned trailer coverage? Here’s Why You Need the Insurance In the […]

Mar 2019

Reliance Partners, Proud Sponsor of the FreightTech Innovation Challenge

Chattanooga, Tenn., March 28, 2019 Reliance Partners is proud to a be an esteemed sponsor of the FreightTech Innovation Challenge, along with FreightWaves, Co.Lab and US Xpress. It is set to be a driving force of youth and innovation in the logistics industry, attracting young and diverse talent from the nation’s top schools to innovate on some of the most challenging industry issues. The FreightTech […]

Jan 2019

Insurance Solutions for all Fleet Types

Running a logistics/trucking company is no easy task. Often times, it presents many unforeseen road blocks and challenges along the way. As an insurance agent that specializes in trucking, I have gotten numerous phone calls from company owners explaining to me why they are uninsurable and how they will have to stop running their trucks because they could not find insurance. Frequently, these calls of […]

Dec 2018

6 Things You Should Know About Personal Conveyance

Check out this article featuring our very own VP of Risk Services, John Seidl. Please click here to read the full article! —— Your driver had to wait long past his appointment to unload, and now he’s out of hours. The receiver says the driver has to leave the property, but doing so will break federal hours of service rules. The now-required electronic logging device means he can’t […]

Nov 2018

Reliance Partners Names Chief Sales Officer and Location in Austin, TX

RELIANCE PARTNERS NAMES CHIEF SALES OFFICER AND ANNOUNCES NEW LOCATION IN AUSTIN, TX   Chattanooga, Tenn. – November 19, 2018 – Reliance Partners is pleased to announce the addition of Brandon Richards as Chief Sales Officer and growth into the Austin market.  Richards is a veteran insurance professional with more than 17 years in the commercial transportation insurance space. Brandon’s addition also marks the opening of a […]

Nov 2018

The CAB Tells All

That time of year can be very stressful for some people. Yes, that time of year I am speaking of is the renewal of your insurance policy. A helpful way to smooth the transition from policy to policy each year is taking care to understand what information is made available by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). One service in particular plays a critical role […]

Nov 2018

What Makes Reliance Partners a Great Place to Work?

October 25, 2018 Reliance Partners was named a top workplace in America by Fortune Magazine. While companies look to recruit and hire candidates that fit company culture, it is equally as important for job seekers to find the right fit. What should one expect in a typical day working for Reliance Partners? Collaborative Environment When society pictures a work environment, cubicles, silence and little employee […]

Oct 2018


Chattanooga, Tenn., October 25,2018 – Reliance Partners Named One of the 2018 Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance by FORTUNE and Great Place to Work® This ranking considered more than 158,000 employees in the Financial Services & Insurance sector. Great Place to Work®, a research and consulting firm, partnered with FORTUNE to evaluate more than 50 elements of team members’ experience on the job. […]

Oct 2018


  Reliance Partners was certified as a great workplace today by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work® Reliance Partners earned this credential based on extensive ratings provided by its employees in anonymous surveys. A summary of these ratings can be found at “We’re very proud to be recognized as a top employer and look forward to providing a great environment for employees […]

Oct 2018

Transportation Meets Customer Service

Reliance Partners was founded in 2009 by a group of individuals with a common vision: to bridge the gap between insurance and customer service. Reliance Partners has become a leading insurance brokerage and consulting firm for the transportation, logistics, hospitality and manufacturing industries. This is great news as we are one of the fastest-growing insurance agencies in the United States, but what makes Reliance Partners […]

Oct 2018

Reliance Partners Named as Freight.Tech 100 Company by Freight Waves

Reliance Partners has been named to the Freight.Tech 100 list by Freight Waves.  Freight.Tech 100 was created to recognize the most innovative and disciplined companies in freight. Companies on the list span all lines of transportation and prioritize innovation.  Out of more than five hundred applicants, Reliance earned a spot on this prestigious list among others like Amazon and JB Hunt. “We are honored to rank on the Freight.Tech […]

Oct 2018

Reliance Partners’ John Seidl to Speak at 49th Annual IAICDV

Back by popular demand to the 49th Annual IAICDV Annual Convention, John Seidl will leverage his experience to help members of the International Association of Ice Cream Distributors and Vendors learn more about the latest safety strategy, safety culture, risk assessment, and compliance. Learn more about the event here.    

Aug 2018

Reliance Partners Names Howell Chief Operating Officer

Reliance Partners has promoted Laura Ann Howell to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Prior to the promotion, Laura Ann began her career with Reliance Partners in 2015 as Vice President, overseeing HR and Finance. She was promoted in 2017 to Senior Vice President overseeing operations. Howell, 29, previously served as Vice President for Thompson Appalachian Hardwoods where she co-founded a trucking company and freight […]

May 2018

Inc. Magazine Recognizes Reliance as a Top Workplace

  RELIANCE PARTNERS RECOGNIZED AS  A TOP WORKPLACE BY INC. MAGAZINE Chattanooga, Tenn., May 24, 2018 – Reliance Partners has been named on Inc. magazine’s Best Workplaces in 2018, the magazine’s annual ranking in the fast-growing private company sector. Out of thousands of applicants,  Reliance was one of two companies in Tennessee named to the list and one of five companies in the insurance industry. […]

Mar 2018

Reliance Named One of the 2018 Best Workplaces by FORTUNE

  Reliance Partners Named One of the 2018 Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance by FORTUNE and Great Place to Work® Chattanooga, TN – Great Place to Work and FORTUNE have honored Reliance Partners as one of the 2018 Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance. The ranking considered input from more than 76,000 employees in the Financial Services & Insurance sector. Great Place […]

Feb 2018

Commercial Truck Insurance – How To Keep Costs Low

Commercial Truck Insurance The insurance of company vehicles, including trucks is a key component of an organization’s operating budget. According to a study published by GE Capital in 2009, companies with a fleet of vehicles could save significantly on commercial truck insurance by looking in detail at the contracts in order to optimize the costs. First of all, it is important to note that only […]

Dec 2017

Owner Operator Truck Insurance

Owner Operator Truck Insurance Being an owner operator of a commercial truck comes with various advantages but you have to take more responsibilities as well. Your earnings are higher and you get to keep all the benefits and proceeds from your trucking business. You are free to choose what type of goods you want to transport and where you are ready to go. It presents […]