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Apr 2023

International Roadcheck just weeks away, but are your drivers ready?

Training should occur all year long, says Reliance Partners’ Robert Kaferle In just a few weeks, law enforcement personnel across North America will be posted at roads, weigh stations and designated inspection areas, collectively conducting thousands of inspections of commercial vehicles during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) 2023 International Roadcheck. During the three-day event, which will take place from May 16 to 18, drivers […]

Feb 2023

8 practices to improve your driver coaching strategy

How to better navigate tough conversations with drivers Though each company’s approach to driver coaching is different, one thing usually remains the same: When the safety office calls, the driver’s first thought is probably: “What did I do this time?” If the only time drivers ever hear from the safety office, or a fleet manager for that matter, is when they’re being told they did […]

Feb 2023

How you can prepare to ace a weigh station inspection

Prep work begins long before the scales Weigh station inspections can take as little as thirty minutes or, if a driver is having a bad day, it can end up costing them 10 hours. Of course, 10 hours is only if a driver receives a violation severe enough to put them out of service. These violations cost drivers not just their time but could require […]

Mar 2022

Proactive safety measures reduce stress and violations

Why not take steps to prevent violations before they occur? What’s the point of a safety department if risk mitigation isn’t valued? That’s what Reliance Partners Director of Safety Robert Kaferle argues in a recent appearance on FreightWaves’ What the Truck?!? Kaferle urges carriers to focus less on their CSA scores but instead aim to reduce violations. He reasons that safety scores only tell you where to […]

Nov 2021

Trucking offers many reasons to be thankful

Industry’s accessibility creates countless opportunities for those willing to put in the work It is hard to believe that it’s been nearly two years since the onset of the pandemic. Through all of the chaos and fears of the unknown, what’s even harder to believe is how the trucking industry overcame such adversity. Here we are, nearing the end of 2021, and we’ve collectively found […]

Aug 2021

Growing numbers of teens see trucking as attractive career

One school has put into practice Next Gen’s mission, creating one of the nation’s first high school truck driving programs Trucking’s age-old problem has been just that — the age of its drivers. The median age of a truck driver is 46, which is five years older than the national average for all workers. As more and more drivers — especially those in their 60s and 70s, […]

Jun 2021

Flatbed steady amid lumber shortages, construction tightness

Flatbed truckers still have options during ‘lumber crisis’ House construction nationwide is being constrained by the tight supply and mile-high price of lumber, but this squeeze has not been felt by the flatbed truckers who haul these loads. Reliance Partners CFO Thom Albrecht said the lumber shortage can be viewed from both a glass half empty and full perspective, depending on who you ask in the […]

Jun 2021

DRIVE-Safe Act proponents call for greater trust in trained younger drivers

Legislation proposes two-step apprenticeship and hundreds of hours of training on trucks equipped with latest safety technology Talks of labor shortages and truck driver safety are common themes at industry conferences, in newsletters, editorials and even watercooler conversations — with good reason. But it’s almost as if labor and driver safety were inversely related: On one hand, relaxing regulations to make trucking easier to enter […]

Mar 2021

Spring cleaning: Time to tidy up your truck

Remember that slips, trips and falls aren’t just outside dangers Let’s face it, your truck probably needs a deep clean. Perhaps it was one of your New Year’s resolutions, but after a long and relentless winter, a truck caked in grimy layers of salt and dirt may not be the only mess on your hands. A victim of cabin fever, you’ve come to the realization […]

Mar 2021

Stay alert for signs of sex trafficking at truck stops

Modern-day slavery often goes undetected in plain sight Though perpetuated in the shadows of society, human trafficking is a $32 billion industry worldwide. Truck stops offer rest and amenities to truckers and general motorists after a long day’s drive, but they can also be hubs for sex traffickers and their victims. As teenagers and boys and girls are transported from city to city, truck stops serve as […]

Jan 2021

Are your driver trainers road-ready as well?

Effective training requires a range of skills The trucker life isn’t for everyone and the same is true for trainers. Arguably, a driver’s performance on the road is a reflection of the quality of training he or she receives, which is why it’s important for carriers to make equally sure that the ones holding the clipboard are road-ready as well Reliance Partners’ Director of Safety […]

Dec 2020

How to chain your tires

See Video » ’Tis the season for snow and ice. Winter is a lovely time of year to admire tranquil snowfalls and to cozy up next to the fireplace. For truckers, however, this time of year is far from magical. Whiteout conditions bring about white-knuckled driving for those darting across the nation’s frigid roadways. To safely trek in winter weather, truckers regularly depend on tire […]

Dec 2020

Prolonged uptick in truck and trailer orders ‘cause for concern’

Reliance Partners CFO Thom Albrecht warns that the bullish parts of freight cycles for carriers are getting shorter in duration on the upside and nastier and longer on the downside. He notes that a shift could be abrupt and felt significantly by carriers when a lot of new equipment is delivered to the market. Such deliveries may occur at a time when consumers resume spending on […]

Dec 2020

Drivers too are culpable for industry turnover

A relationship is defined as the way in which two or more people are connected. In terms of trucking, you’d be hard-pressed to find one more important than the relationship between a driver and motor carrier. That is why driver turnover is always of great concern for the trucking industry. For whatever reason, whether it be in search of better pay or shorter hauls, a […]

Nov 2020

It’s better to be safe than sorry with cargo tank leaks

One look at the bill of lading is all you need to understand why fuel hauling can often be a white-knucke experience. Referred to as “rolling bombs” in the past, cargo tank trailers can be deadly if handled improperly. Hauling flammable liquids is no easy task. That is why Mark Barlar, Reliance Partners’ director of risk services, urges hazmat truckers to continue sharpening their safety skills […]

Nov 2020

Knowing post-accident protocols can save you a bundle

It’s that time of year again — the time when frigid temperatures and icy conditions can compromise the roadways. Jackknives, rollovers, braking issues and other truck-related accidents are prevalent during winter weather, so it’s best to take extra precautions heading into the colder months. However, semi-truck accidents happen at any time of year for any number of reasons, so it’s wise to drive safely and […]

Mar 2020

The 6 Steps to Staying Ahead of Rising Commercial Truck Insurance Rates

Trucking insurance is one of the largest expenses for business owners. Here’s how you can stay ahead of rising costs.

Sep 2019

The 3 Most Common Questions About New Venture Trucking Insurance

Going out on your own in the business world can be risky. New-venture trucking companies are no exception to the unpredictability of business ownership.   Thinking about starting your own trucking authority? Before you choose a company name or register with the DOT, here are answers to some of the most common questions about new venture trucking insurance!   1) Do I Really Need a […]

Jun 2019

Do I Need Trailer Interchange or Non-Owned Trailer Coverage?

by Yahaira Cope, Account Manager When beginning your trucking company, it’s crucial to explore all your options relating to the kinds of coverage you’ll need to operate effectively. One essential question that gets asked by many truckers has to do with opting for the right trailer coverage: Do I really need trailer interchange or non-owned trailer coverage? Here’s Why You Need the Insurance In the […]

May 2019

CVSA Roadcheck 2019 Guide: How to Prepare for This Year’s Inspection Blitz!

A roadside inspection may begin with a single visible violation, but doesn’t always end there. The penalty points can add up quickly if the inspector conducts a thorough driver and vehicle review. The result? Lasting impact on your CSA scores and fleet safety assessments which, in turn, can affect your insurance premiums. CVSA Roadcheck 2019 This year’s Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) international roadcheck, the […]

Mar 2019

Reliance Partners, Proud Sponsor of the FreightTech Innovation Challenge

Chattanooga, Tenn., March 28, 2019 Reliance Partners is proud to a be an esteemed sponsor of the FreightTech Innovation Challenge, along with FreightWaves, Co.Lab and US Xpress. It is set to be a driving force of youth and innovation in the logistics industry, attracting young and diverse talent from the nation’s top schools to innovate on some of the most challenging industry issues. The FreightTech […]

Mar 2019

Reliance Partners Named Top Workplace in Financial Services & Insurance by FORTUNE

Chattanooga, Tenn., March 26, 2019- Reliance Partners was Named One of the 2019 Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance, by FORTUNE. Great Place to Work®, a research and consulting firm, analyzed anonymous survey responses representing over 726,000 employees working in the Financial Services & Insurance industry in the United States. All employees were surveyed, and comprehensive characteristics were considered: experiences of accountability, trust, the […]

Mar 2019

The Reliance Way

Community Outreach is not something you often hear about within the workplace. Reliance Partners believes service provides opportunity to make an impact in the Chattanooga community. Once a quarter, Reliance Partners will execute a community service project. Saturday, February 16th 50 Reliance Partners employees volunteered with the Chambliss Center for Children. Groups spread out to tackle several projects from disinfecting classrooms and toys to mulching […]

Jan 2019

Insurance Solutions for all Fleet Types

Running a logistics/trucking company is no easy task. Often times, it presents many unforeseen road blocks and challenges along the way. As an insurance agent that specializes in trucking, I have gotten numerous phone calls from company owners explaining to me why they are uninsurable and how they will have to stop running their trucks because they could not find insurance. Frequently, these calls of […]

Dec 2018

6 Things You Should Know About Personal Conveyance

Check out this article featuring our very own VP of Risk Services, John Seidl. Please click here to read the full article! —— Your driver had to wait long past his appointment to unload, and now he’s out of hours. The receiver says the driver has to leave the property, but doing so will break federal hours of service rules. The now-required electronic logging device means he can’t […]

Dec 2018

The Future of Freight

Want to learn more about the Future of Freight? Sahej Singh, Strategy Analyst at Reliance Partners, recently contributed “Freight Revolution”,  by FreightWaves and Uber Freight.   Please click  here (pg.64) to read the full article!

Nov 2018

Reliance Partners Names Chief Sales Officer and Location in Austin, TX

RELIANCE PARTNERS NAMES CHIEF SALES OFFICER AND ANNOUNCES NEW LOCATION IN AUSTIN, TX   Chattanooga, Tenn. – November 19, 2018 – Reliance Partners is pleased to announce the addition of Brandon Richards as Chief Sales Officer and growth into the Austin market.  Richards is a veteran insurance professional with more than 17 years in the commercial transportation insurance space. Brandon’s addition also marks the opening of a […]

Nov 2018

The CAB Tells All

That time of year can be very stressful for some people. Yes, that time of year I am speaking of is the renewal of your insurance policy. A helpful way to smooth the transition from policy to policy each year is taking care to understand what information is made available by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). One service in particular plays a critical role […]

Nov 2018

What Makes Reliance Partners a Great Place to Work?

October 25, 2018 Reliance Partners was named a top workplace in America by Fortune Magazine. While companies look to recruit and hire candidates that fit company culture, it is equally as important for job seekers to find the right fit. What should one expect in a typical day working for Reliance Partners? Collaborative Environment When society pictures a work environment, cubicles, silence and little employee […]

Oct 2018


Chattanooga, Tenn., October 25,2018 – Reliance Partners Named One of the 2018 Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance by FORTUNE and Great Place to Work® This ranking considered more than 158,000 employees in the Financial Services & Insurance sector. Great Place to Work®, a research and consulting firm, partnered with FORTUNE to evaluate more than 50 elements of team members’ experience on the job. […]

Oct 2018


  Reliance Partners was certified as a great workplace today by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work® Reliance Partners earned this credential based on extensive ratings provided by its employees in anonymous surveys. A summary of these ratings can be found at “We’re very proud to be recognized as a top employer and look forward to providing a great environment for employees […]

Oct 2018

Transportation Meets Customer Service

Reliance Partners was founded in 2009 by a group of individuals with a common vision: to bridge the gap between insurance and customer service. Reliance Partners has become a leading insurance brokerage and consulting firm for the transportation, logistics, hospitality and manufacturing industries. This is great news as we are one of the fastest-growing insurance agencies in the United States, but what makes Reliance Partners […]

Oct 2018

Reliance Partners Named as Freight.Tech 100 Company by Freight Waves

Reliance Partners has been named to the Freight.Tech 100 list by Freight Waves.  Freight.Tech 100 was created to recognize the most innovative and disciplined companies in freight. Companies on the list span all lines of transportation and prioritize innovation.  Out of more than five hundred applicants, Reliance earned a spot on this prestigious list among others like Amazon and JB Hunt. “We are honored to rank on the Freight.Tech […]

Oct 2018

Reliance Partners’ John Seidl to Speak at 49th Annual IAICDV

Back by popular demand to the 49th Annual IAICDV Annual Convention, John Seidl will leverage his experience to help members of the International Association of Ice Cream Distributors and Vendors learn more about the latest safety strategy, safety culture, risk assessment, and compliance. Learn more about the event here.    

Apr 2018

Reliance Partners Announces New Office Opening in Central Florida

Reliance Partners is pleased to announce an office expansion in Vero Beach, FL. The expansion marks the fifth office location for Reliance with additional expansion plans underway. Reliance Partners is a commercial insurance specialist with a large presence in the transportation marketplace where the company offers insurance services in 48 states. Reliance has been recognized by numerous publications for its growth and top work environment. […]

Apr 2018

Reliance Partners Announces New V.P. of Risk Services – John Seidl

Reliance Partners is pleased to announce addition of John Seidl as V.P. of Risk Services. Seidl is recognized as a leading expert in DOT commercial transportation compliance and will be strong resource for Reliance Partners’ current and future clients. As a former Wisconsin State Motor Carrier Trooper and FMCSA Investigator with more than 20 years of experience in risk services, Seidl is well versed in […]

Mar 2018

Reliance Named One of the 2018 Best Workplaces by FORTUNE

  Reliance Partners Named One of the 2018 Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance by FORTUNE and Great Place to Work® Chattanooga, TN – Great Place to Work and FORTUNE have honored Reliance Partners as one of the 2018 Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance. The ranking considered input from more than 76,000 employees in the Financial Services & Insurance sector. Great Place […]

Mar 2018

What Would Happen If The Trucking Industry Stopped?

The trucking industry has been around since the mid-20th century and has become an integral part of the American identity. The American economy relies on the trucking industry to transport goods, food, construction materials, and much more. These goods are generally picked up at manufacturing plants and transported overland to retail distributors. From there, they make their way into malls, shops, restaurants, and construction sites; […]

Feb 2018

Commercial Truck Insurance – How To Keep Costs Low

Commercial Truck Insurance The insurance of company vehicles, including trucks is a key component of an organization’s operating budget. According to a study published by GE Capital in 2009, companies with a fleet of vehicles could save significantly on commercial truck insurance by looking in detail at the contracts in order to optimize the costs. First of all, it is important to note that only […]

Feb 2018

Reliance Named Chattanooga Business of the Year

Reliance Partners was named Chattanooga’s Business of the Year by the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce. We are thrilled to have won the large category for Business of the Year and would like to thank our employees, clients, markets and the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce for the honor. We look forward to another year of serving our customers, expanding our presence around the country and shaking up […]

Nov 2017

Role Of A Truck Weigh Station

A truck weigh station plays a vital role when it comes to inspecting vehicular weights. The inspections are carried out for a wide variety of reasons. The stations rely on specially designed scales, which measure the mass of cargo transported by road. They measure both laden and empty vehicles. The systems can be used to monitor compliance with the traffic requirements of axle and wheel […]